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Foreign Drama -The Technicians

The Con Aritsts-p3.jpeg

The Technicians or The Con Artists

116 minutes 2014

This movie stars the awe inspiring Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond) and Lee Hyun Woo.  I didn’t watch it when it first came out because I wasn’t a fan of Woo Bin -but I am so glad I watched it.  You think most of the way through the movie that is about money -wait for the twist.

This is entertaining, well thought out and fast paced.  Great movie!

Kim Woo Bin plays a thief who excels at safe cracker.  He is forced to break into a Russian safe which no one has accomplished yet.  Each time he practices on one -he fails.

Lee Hyun Woo (Secretly Greatly, To the Beautiful You) is superior with phones, hacking, things of that nature.  His character has a history of betraying his teammates.

Ko Sang Seok is the bomb expert.  I love watching this guy as his characters are always spot on.

Lim Ju Hwan (Uncontrollably Fond) had a small part but I liked his action moves.

Cinematography  8
Script  9
Music  6
Acting  9
Story 9
Total Score 8.2


Foreign Drama -Great one-sided kissing

I posted these videos because you have to see what a great kisser Yang Yang is.  Love 020 is a cute drama although it has some problems.  One of those problems is the dual personality of Yang Yang’s character.  My daughter says his indifference is supposed to be cool -but I find it lifeless.  So, who was prepared for such mesmerizing kissing on his behalf.

On the first kiss up against the white wall he goes in for the kill with such expertise you are sure he is totally into her.  I mean, his ambition makes you believe they will be doing much more intimate detail in 2 minutes.

The sad part is -Zheng Shuang blows it -SHE DOESN’T KISS HIM BACK!!!!!!  It drives me crazy.  She took a fabulous -high scoring kiss and flattened it.  Is this because she is married or because that is how Chinese dramas go?  A couple of Chinese drama’s back the guy kissed the girl and she kissed him back -so what gives?

Now to make this funnier -look at what they went through to accomplish the floor kiss -I love Yang Yang’s butt stuck up in the air -he doesn’t look as good at this kissing thing as he does in the above video.  Too Cute!!!

Foreign Drama -Whirlwind Girl 2

The Whirlwind Girl 2

Whirlwind Girl 2

36 episodes 2016 Viki

At first, I was so excited to see Ji Chang Wook in a Chinese Drama.  That was until I recognized how few scenes he was in.  He doesn’t become more of a focus until the last ten episodes.

Anyone who’s seen Healer, knows Chang Wook can throw a punch or land a kick so watching him face-off with others was a thrill.  However, in this drama he’s suffered a knee injury which as all but ended his career in martial arts.  That doesn’t mean he can’t teach!

An Yue Xi (Qi Bai Cao) is a talented young lady with a warm, innocent smile and a mean kick.  A few of the scenes with the actors flying around to perform triple whirlwind kicks was all a bit to fake for me but overall the competitions were fun to watch.  This drama, there was also a season one) appears to be her first lead role.  The first time she starred with another young actor, I’m watching in Love O2OJing Boran.

Chen Sean has had nearly as many leading roles as supporting roles in his career.  He is a cutie!  In this drama, he is a highly recognized leader in marital arts and very wealthy to boot.

Wu Leo also plays a respected martial arts instructor.  He doesn’t have a big role, but he’s cute enough to mention.

Guo Fiction was one of my favorite characters in the drama.  He was goofy, bubbly and super entertaining.  The comedy relief seldom catches my attention, but Fiction did.  This is his second drama, so I expect he will really begin to shine.

There were lots of other performers -to many to keep track of.  Most of them to silly and pathetic to mention.

Overall, this drama wasn’t a drama I would watch.  It isn’t that I don’t like romance, and action mingled into one but the action in this drama was fake, fake, fake.  The romance was the best part and add the love triangle a you have some scenes worth catching.

As much as I love Chang Wook -I would say he was the sole reason I stayed with this drama -but hold on, it isn’t long until he is back with K2.  This one will be something to sink your teeth into.

The ending was sad -not the kind of sad you would be thinking.  Sad, as in very bad.  They spent half of one episode and nearly the full length of the episode recapping the relationship between the two main characters.  At the end, she still basically pushes him away.  The most exciting moment in this drama is a couple of kisses on the forehead.  Now, we all know Chang Wook can do MUCH better than that.

Cinematography  5
Script  5
Music  5
Acting  7
Story 5
Total Score  5.4









irumeur… A Muslim-American in Office

Is Obama a genius or plain crazy?  That is the question many people across the world are probably asking themselves about now.

The more we accept the more we risk – the more we risk the greater the reward.  Which of these scenarios will be at the fore front if  a Muslim-American, Abid Riaz Qureshi, is appointed to serve the  U.S.  District Court?

Jesus instructed us to love one another even as we fear -and we do fear the possibility of our country being dominated by Muslim rule.  One of the best ways to overcome fear, is to bring two people together and discover how they are each alike.  Our likenesses is the point we bond.

Bonding with our neighbors, our countrymen, our brothers and sister in life across the world is the only way to build world peace.  Yet, in doing, so we risk our way of life.

What do I mean from that?

We are a Christian nation -or at least, we were built with God as our leader and Christ as our savior.  God told the Jews not to marry women of another faith.  He said this because women have such a strong influence on the family.  If she doesn’t worship the same God, and has the same belief pattern as her husband, often the man will flip his loyalties under her influence.

It is the same with government.  As so many Americans fight to remove God from our politics, we are fighting for equality of other religions that will ultimately change the dynamics of our country’s basic principals.  Is this a bad thing?  Not always!  Can it be?  Yes!

Government officials have the difficult task of balancing between enough and too much.  When we blend our traditional beliefs with inclusion for the purposes of acceptance and brotherhood, we also teeter on a precipice of destruction.

Let’s take this gentleman’s religion out of the scenario.  He is an American citizen, practicing law in Washington (at least this is what I read.  I do not know him personally, nor have I spoken with him).  Obama believes he will serve the people with integrity and steadfast commitment to justice.

I believe this is all true -but I ask the simple question of whether this man can set his religious beliefs aside when serving & influencing the laws of our land.  If I was to be awarded this position -I would conduct myself as a Christian -not being swayed by any belief or human value other than those set by my God.  If this man is a true and solid Muslim -he will conduct himself with the same honor to his God.

If I were a Muslim, living in a country that was predominantly of the Muslim religion, and our president  was about to appoint a man/woman to a government office with this type of influence over the law, and this person was a devoted Christian -I would ask these same questions.  Alternatively, if I was a Hindus, Buddhist, or atheist, or any belief system, I was devoted to.

So let’s step a little further -those who do not want our country to be lead by Christian values have had their voices heard -as we no longer have prayer in schools, etc.  If this is the way of our land, then how can we deny the voices of the Muslims?

Not only was our country founded based upon Christian beliefs; we were also based on the diversity of people who settled here -how can we ignore a Muslim citizen as having an equal right to an office?

When John F. Kennedy ran for office, there were people who were appalled a Catholic could run our country.  The same thing happened when Mitt Romney ran -people were against a Mormon leading our nation.  One of these men entered the oval office, and the other did not.  Was our country any worse off with Kennedy being a Catholic?

How do I feel about this nomination?  I believe if a person is worthy of a position, and they are an American citizen born and raised in our great country and adhere to the integrity of our laws -they are entitled to run and accept a position they are qualified for.

Am I not afraid of a nation of people because of their religion?  No.  If I am frightened, I am fearful for my children, my daughters having their rights stolen from people who would change our nation, and our traditions.

I fear all men/women who would use their power to control and dominate men, women and children, whether Muslim or atheist (or anything in between) who denies my freedom to love my God and live as a free woman. 

These men/women frighten me, whether they are American citizens or terrorist.

This man will bring his religion to the table, there is no question in my mind (unless he is Muslim by birth and not by faith).  Either way, if he holds true to the integrity of which this nation was founded on he has as much right to hold this office as any American Citizen.

Will this action by our President be the miracle to bring Muslims and Americans together or will it be another step toward the demise of our nation?

I hope we will not be led by fear, but love as we debate this question. 




Foreign Drama -Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond-p1.jpg

Uncontrollably Fond

16 episodes 2016

Are they crazy?  Who writes this sad crap? I’m someone who understands glioma’s and I still thought somehow they were going to save him.  NOPE!!!!!

I waiting with excited anticipation for this drama every week.  I loved every moment of it -and dreaded it at the same time.  I knew it would be painful -but still, I watched it.  Why?

Death is the biggest, most powerful event that makes us live more fully.

If I could find anything  didn’t like about this drama it would have to be Joon Young not giving No Eul enough time for them to spend together -but those moments when he showed her how much he loved her… Powerful!

Up until now, I wasn’t much of a fan for Kim Woo Bin (School 2013, The Heirs, To The Beautiful You and Gentleman’s Dignity).  How can you watch a man cry with such intensity and not love him.  So many of the tears Woo Bin shed appeared real -I’m convinced they were.  I believe he searched his own life, his own sorrow, and his own death and brought to us real fears, real passion and real acceptance.  For this, I give Woo Bin the respect he deserves as a human and a performer.

There wasn’t one person who didn’t bring themselves fully to this drama.  I’d like to turn next to Joon Young’s mother played by Jin Kyung.  A mother who ignored her son, denied his near existence and then suffered for her regret and ultimate loss.  So many mothers live through their children and when these adults don’t perform as expected -we push them away as a bitter disappointment.  We need to embrace our children even when they reach adulthood -because the day will come when their are no more days to love.  I felt every moment of Jin’s loss and grief -an amazing performance.

Yu Oh Song gave us a look into the eyes of a greedy, self-deserving man who will do anything for power and position.  He married a woman, Jung Sung Kyung, who was even more vicious and thoughtless then he -a woman who would harm her own son to stay in power.  In the end, he gave both his son’s a father -good show!

Bae Suzy (Gu Family Book, Big, Dream High, Dream High 2) (a singer with girl group, Miss A) is a super talented young lady.  She deserves to be under Woo Bin for her outstanding performance, but the two above showed us characters we rarely feel the depth of emotion they brought to the table, so I wanted them to take some limelight.  Suzy brought No Eul from nothing to more than just the woman Joo Young loved.  She became the vocal point for healing.  What impressed me the most was the way she taught us to handle death -simple ‘happy with time.’  She was happy for every moment she spent with Joon Young, and she recognized his needs before her sorrow until the very end -and then she went on to live as he wished for her.

This drama is the drama of the year for me.  There have been many amazing ones, including those that star some of my favorite actors like Jang Guen Suk and Lee Jong Suk, but this drama brought more, so much more then the rest.  This drama gave us death in its purest and most hated form -cancer.  We couldn’t save him, we could only watch him die.

That is the reality of cancer -many times slowly robbing you of life, while filling your soul with love and then giving you the acceptance of death.

Kim Woo Bin, Bae Suzy -I truly thank you for bringing this story to life and allowing those of us who watched to be a part of the beauty that came from your performance.

Your fan,

Dee Vaal

Other amazing performers were:

  1. Lim Ju Hwan
  2. Lim Ju Eun
  3. Choi Moo Sung
  4. Jung Soo Kyo
  5. Lee Seo Won
Cinematography  9
Script  10
Music  10
Acting  10
Story  10
Total Score  9.8♥