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Foreign Music: Ji Hyun Woo

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I don’t know how many of you know much about Ji Hyun Woo, but I wanted to show you all that he isn’t just a super talented actor and kisser.  This man is so much more.

Born November  1984 and is 188 centimeters tall which is basically  6’2″.

If you decide to only watch one of these videos watch the first one and see him playing Love Story on an electric guitar.  It is amazing.

This video is the English song, Creep by Pearl Jam, sung by Hyun Woo.  It isn’t the full song unfortunately.

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This last song is Yellow by Coldplay, sung by Hyun Woo.

This scene from Queen In-hyun’s Man,  is to show his wonderful kissing talent.  The song is You Are so Beautiful by Xia, is not part of the drama.


Foreign Drama: Wanted

Wanted (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg


16 episodes 2016

If you are looking for a drama with a powerhouse of performers and will blow you away with a storyline both intriguing and packed with action and thought -this is the drama to watch.

My only regret -its over.  Ji Hyun Woo is amazing!  Personally, I wish there could have been a romance to develop between him and Kim A Joong, but I will take Hyun Woo anyway I can see him on the screen.  So, I can’t report any amazing kiss scenes by Hyun Woo -I know… it is disappointing.

So many quality actors in this drama.  I never got tired of who was on the screen.  There are to many for me to go into detail, or saying anything new about I have mentioned in other reviews.

  1. Uhm Tae Woong
  2. Park Hae Joon
  3. Lee Moon Sik
  4. Park Hyo Joo
  5. Jun Hyo Seong
  6. Shin Ja Ha
  7. Kim Byung ok
  8. Lee Seung Joon
  9. Park Min Soo
  10. Bae Joo Ram

Most of these names you’ve watched over and over in different dramas and they always deliver.

Two reviews on kidnappings in one day -Wow!  Okay, little Hyun Woo is kidnapped.  Not for the reasons most people would kidnap a child.  This drama is about solving riddles and doing it on live TV.  Evil must be punished and the world must know it is happening.

I wish I could remember the music so I could score this higher.  Please forgive me Hyun Woo -I love you, Saranghaeyo.

Cinematography 8
Script  9
Music  6
Acting 9
Story  9
Total Score  8.2



Foreign Drama: You’re My Pet

File-You're My Pet (Korean Movie)-p2.jpg

You Are My Pet

110 Minutes 2011

Oh I love Jung Guen Suk but this movie was just about awful.  Guen Suk doesn’t even begin to show his charisma until nearly the end and then there are only moments that he shines.  A couple of the pictures of him in the semi-dark are amazing!

First of all, a man being a woman’s pet is stupid.  What makes it even worse is that he acts like a dog.  I love my pets but the last thing I want is my husband to act like one.  Where is the sexiness in that?

I understand the storyline.  This woman can’t trust other enough to let them in so the best way to get to her is to come in the back door, so you are a part of her life without her suspecting it.

First, what women would actually treat a man as a pet, forgetting he is a man?  Okay, maybe there are some people out there whom are into this type of foreplay -you may love this!

Second, she ends up actually falling for a man like this, and turns into a reversal of these roles.  I’ve done some goofy, stupid, embarrassing things in my life time, but this is just out of my realm of enjoyment.

I like, no, I LOVE, the Guen Suk who moves in confidently to take what he wants and leaves little doubt what he is capable of: You’re Beautiful.  I also love the side of Guen Suk that shows his incredible talent as an actor -like Daebak.

Guen Suk talking about showing her just how ‘hung’ he is and then pulling down his pants and subsequently pulls up his t-shirt to show legs that are not masculine in strength -not my cup of tea.  If you are going to tease me -tease me with a sight that will get me excited.

Then, let’s add the whole famous dancer bit.  I’m a dancer, and despite Guen Suk completing the moves he was given -this is far from a man who has practice ballet since he was four.  Ugh!!!!!!

No, there is just no way to make this a good movie other then the rare scenes when Guen Suk is given the direction to shine (or just stand there and look like -well, him).

I might mention Kim Ha Neul as the lead female.  Truthfully, it was such a dumb movie that it is an insult to mention either of these two talented actors.

Cinematography  8
Script  3
Music  4
Acting  9
Story  3
Total Score  5.4

Foreign Drama: Hwayi: A Monster Boy


Hwayi: A  Monster Boy

125 Minutes 2013

Yeo Jin Goo (Orange Marmalade; Potato Star 2013; I Miss You; Tree With Deep Roots; Moon Embracing the Sun; Giant) breaks the heart of every mother in this drama.  When we birth a child we have dreams of their happiness and success in a world where they are floating on a cloud of wonderment.

Now, this never happens.  At least I’ve never met anyone so blessed.  Even children of wealthy families have strife and conflict, and many poor children are truly happy.

So what made this movie so awful?  Not only is this child kidnapped but he is turned into a killing machine.  This would be a true nightmare for me -knowing my child was not only kidnapped but their lives had been turned into a living hell.

Hwayi is around 2 or 3 when he is taken by a gang of 6 men.  These men are evil!  The leader, portrayed by Kim Yun Soek, (a man who makes more movies then dramas) is not only the primary father to this boy he is a husband.  He beats his wife, chaining her feet together so she can’t run away.

Because of his own demons, he locks the boy in the basement so he will learn to kill his own monster.  “To kill a monster you must become one.” -Wow!

When Hwayi learns the truth of his past he tries to protect his birth mother and the mother who raised him.  The gang must die!

I graded this movie not based upon my likes or dislikes.  I attempted to be fair.  Personally, this movie is emotional and devastating.  I gave it a six for music but I really don’t remember any -so this is my standard score for when I don’t remember the music.

Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music  6
Acting  9
Story  8
Total Score  7.8



irumeur…Go Up A Mountain With God

My title is wise words from Allister Begg.

I love him…  He is such a great teacher of the Bible.  I didn’t feel like going to church, and I don’t push myself when this happens.  If I go for the wrong reason -God knows anyhow.  There is no escaping him.


I have a habit of being lazy for fear of failure.  I use this excuse to blow off my housework, my writing and my lawn.

However, the older I get the more I want to complete things.  It is this driving force that keeps me writing even when I’m not sure I have something to say.  Is this age?  Or, do I finally get it?

Life isn’t about lazily sitting around hours watching TV, or searching YouTube.  Life is about making an impact we can be proud of so the moment we die; we don’t feel it was wasted.  If I don’t cook and clean -who will care for my family?  If I don’t step up at church, will my church survive?  If I don’t study my Bible, will I be ready for death?  If I don’t write, will my stories ever be read?

We are going to die.  Trust me when I tell you, it comes at us quickly.  The older you get the more it rushes at you.  I think this realization is what changed me the most.  I don’t have time to be depressed, lazy, worthless.  If I don’t start living -life will be over.

Physically, I am not able to do what I once could.  Acceptance is the first step in pushing past.

I refuse to allow what I can’t do, keep me from doing what I can!

Every time I sit down to write I wonder whether anyone will read my words.  I wonder whether  my words will be worth reading.  I wonder if I have just found a new way to waste my remaining years.  Do any of you think these thoughts?

What to do?

First, I pray.  Everything should begin with prayer.  If we don’t trust our creator, how can we trust the mind he gave us to decide on our own future?

Second, I think about what lies on top of my mountain.  If I carry with me what I have in my hands, I will ever get to the top?  No!


It is too much baggage and doubt.  Let go  what holds you back.  Failure feels like clothing.  If you don’t carry it around you may forget and try again.  How embarrassing to keep failing with everyone watching.  Right?

Wrong!  I want to reach the top of my mountain.  The top leads me closer to Heaven.  I can’t get there by my actions or deeds, but I can trust God, and by doing, so I can reach my end with love for myself.  That is what the top means to me.  Loving myself and dying knowing I lived!

So, who do I want to be?  A woman who throws away her days doing nothing, or a Christian, who spends her days living as God demands?

I would rather fill my days with work I am proud of rather than fear failure.

When I tell myself to give up, I remember my choice to climb the mountain, even if I fall repeatedly.  I can’t allow my failures to hold me back, even when I’m terrified to move.  Writing is what I do -I am a story teller.  My kids would call me a lecturer -okay; I am that also.

I’ve regularly fought to step away from fear and pushed myself to move forward.  I haven’t always been successful because I am lazy of mind and body.  To many times I tried to do it all on my own causing extreme failure.  When I remember to allow God to lead -I can find hope in my failures and true success in my accomplishments.

I don’t have to carry my burdens, and I don’t need everything I can carry.  So, I will write believing in myself so my mountain does not force me to live in a valley of failure.  I think…it will be worth the climb.



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The Inequal Distribution Of Choice

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I see people. I know people who go through arduous tasks in life. I’m not talking about the millions dying because of war or starvation. I’m not talking about statistics dealing with violence and injustice. I’m talking about those around us who are not given the freedom to express, those around us who are barred from doing what we usually do, those around us who are deprived of childhood, of love, of humanity. I’m talking about what we assume to be an act of injustice but are left with nothing to do. I’m talking about helplessness. Whom can we call up? Would…

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