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Foreign Drama -I Remember You

Hello Monster-cp.jpgI Remember You or Hello Monster

16 episodes 2015

Seo In Guk (The Master’s Sun)portrays a highly skilled criminal profiler.  His father believes he is a monster and locks him up in the basement as a child.  After his dad dies, he moves to America an searches for answers.  When he must return to Korea to remember the memories he’s lost he runs into a childhood stalker, Jang Na Ra.

He doesn’t appear to have emotions he can rationalize or even understand -they sort of sneak up on him and then he isn’t sure what to do with them.

I own several of In Guk’s songs and absolutely love his voice.  If you are not already listening to him -check him out.  In Guk is a handsome man with an adorable dimple.

Jang Na Ra can’t let Lee Hyun go.  She wants to know his secrets and find out if he really is a murderer.(Mr. Baek and Fated to Love You)  Cha Ji An seems to understand what this monster needs and sticks by his side even though she is not sure who is protecting who and why.

These two are wonderful together and separately.  I truly enjoyed this drama for the subtle relationship they shared, romantically -and the powerful devotion they both had to capturing Lee Joon Ho.

Choi Young Won plays Lee Joon Ho brilliantly.  The small facial quirks let you see into his mind.  Not only is he a killer (who enjoys the act of killing or even other people killing) but he is also a vigilantly, if you can wrap your mind around that one.

Park Bo Gum is currently starring in Love in the Moonlight, which I think comes out as Moonlight in the Wind or something like that on Drama Fever.  He is such a talented actor who also has many facial twitches that pull you into his thoughts.  Sadly, he isn’t the good guy in this drama, but he isn’t evil and twisted because he chose that life -his mind twisted believing that was how you protected others.  Then Joon Ho takes over and teaches him to kill people to avenge his hate for his older brother.

I look forward to many more drama’s with this gorgeous actor.

This drama teaches us how a child’s mind can become what we categorize or Label them to be.  Sometimes, they will be strong enough mentally to overcome our ignorance but some will not.  For those who can’t undo the mental damage the outcome is far worse then we can imagine or comprehend.  Powerful!

Lee Chun Hee plays a hotshot investigating leader of Ji An’s team.  He’s in love with her and does whatever is needed to impress her.  Despite their friendship, she never sees him -until he confesses.

There were many talented actors in this drama but these were my favorites.

Cinematography  8
Script  10
Music  8
Acting 9
Story  10
Total Score  9♥



Foreign Drama -Cinderella and Four Knights

Cinderella and Four Knights-p2.jpg

Cinderella and Four Knights

16 episodes 2016

If you are not already a fan of Jung Il Woo’s, you should be.  His characters come alive on the screen with such expertise -they are believable.

To this day, my favorite drama with Il Woo is Flower Boy Ramen Shop.  He was also in Diary of a Night Watchman, The Moon Embracing the Sun, and 49 Days.

Park So Dam first hit my screen co-starring alongside Choi Min Ho in Because its the First Time.  I loved her then, and I still love her.  She is the quintessential of purity on screen.  She has made a long list of movies but this is only her third drama.  If you have already seen the two I mentioned here -try checking her out in Beautiful Mind which can be found on Viki.

Lee Jung Shin is my next pick for brilliance.  He really doesn’t have a strong part -but he made himself stand out.  As a pop star he was in the public eye to much to be convincing, but it suited the personality he portrayed.  Despite the drama failing to portray this kpop star with his true colors -he is indeed a very talented musician with a beautiful voice.  He is the bassist and rapper for CNBLUE.

Jung Shin was also in The Girl Who Sees Smells, and will thrill us again in 2017 with My Sassy Girl.

I felt Ahn Jae Hyeon was not given a full rain on his character.  I wouldn’t say his acting was off, just the writing.  I would have liked to seen more from him in this drama.  He starred alongside Ku Hye Sun in the drama Blood.  Surprisingly, the famous actress from Boys Over Flowers, married him in May of 2016.  Instead of having a traditional wedding the couple chose to donate their money to a pediatric hospital -near and dear to my heart.

Jae Hyeon was also in You’re All Surrounded and My Love From the Star.  Both of these dramas earned him a New Star Award.  This drama earned him a Global Star Award and Best Actor on October 7th.

I really didn’t care for Son Na Eun’s character -so I’d be interested in your opinion.  I found this portrayal lacking in personality and stupidly obsessed over a boy she hadn’t seen in 10 years.  She was also overly sweet one moment and vengeful the next.  I just could have done this drama without this character.

Choi Eun Kyeong was funny.  She may be the wicked step mother but she was funny even as she played awful.

Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music 8
Acting  8
Story  8
Total Score  8



Foreign Drama -The Fatal Encounter

The Fatal Encounter-p02.jpgThe Fatal Encounter or King’s Wrath

135 minutes 2014

I won’t tell you this is one of my favorites but it is still a good movie and of course, it stars Hyun Bin.  Hyun Bin portrays a king doing everything he can to save his kingdom from his mother and his life.

His eunuch –Jung Jae Young is taught to kill as a child, alongside his chosen brother, Cho Jung Seok.  He is placed in the palace, both still children, with the future plans of killing the king.  It backfires.  The eunuch becomes the kings closest companion and most trusted friend.

When Kab Soo’s brother Eul Soo arrives at the palace to kill the king, the eunuch must decided whether he will defend his king or die to save him.  Eul Soo will either kill the king or his brother.

This movie has some great scenes in both fighting and friendship.

I am unsure why his mother was plotting against her son -I can only surmise it is out of a sense of betrayal -as she wants to control the kingdom and her son thwarts her movements.

Cho Jae Hyun does not have a big part but it is a vicious part that is certainly worth mentioning.  His acts of terror against children is shocking.  When I envision Korea being a place that would ever use children in such a vial way -my heart grows dim in my love for the country.  Greed, hate and Godlessness are a horrible waste of life.

Cinematography  9
Script  8
Music 7
Acting  9
Story  8
Total Score  8.2



Foreign Drama -The Technicians

The Con Aritsts-p3.jpeg

The Technicians or The Con Artists

116 minutes 2014

This movie stars the awe inspiring Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond) and Lee Hyun Woo.  I didn’t watch it when it first came out because I wasn’t a fan of Woo Bin -but I am so glad I watched it.  You think most of the way through the movie that is about money -wait for the twist.

This is entertaining, well thought out and fast paced.  Great movie!

Kim Woo Bin plays a thief who excels at safe cracker.  He is forced to break into a Russian safe which no one has accomplished yet.  Each time he practices on one -he fails.

Lee Hyun Woo (Secretly Greatly, To the Beautiful You) is superior with phones, hacking, things of that nature.  His character has a history of betraying his teammates.

Ko Sang Seok is the bomb expert.  I love watching this guy as his characters are always spot on.

Lim Ju Hwan (Uncontrollably Fond) had a small part but I liked his action moves.

Cinematography  8
Script  9
Music  6
Acting  9
Story 9
Total Score 8.2


Foreign Drama -Great one-sided kissing

I posted these videos because you have to see what a great kisser Yang Yang is.  Love 020 is a cute drama although it has some problems.  One of those problems is the dual personality of Yang Yang’s character.  My daughter says his indifference is supposed to be cool -but I find it lifeless.  So, who was prepared for such mesmerizing kissing on his behalf.

On the first kiss up against the white wall he goes in for the kill with such expertise you are sure he is totally into her.  I mean, his ambition makes you believe they will be doing much more intimate detail in 2 minutes.

The sad part is -Zheng Shuang blows it -SHE DOESN’T KISS HIM BACK!!!!!!  It drives me crazy.  She took a fabulous -high scoring kiss and flattened it.  Is this because she is married or because that is how Chinese dramas go?  A couple of Chinese drama’s back the guy kissed the girl and she kissed him back -so what gives?

Now to make this funnier -look at what they went through to accomplish the floor kiss -I love Yang Yang’s butt stuck up in the air -he doesn’t look as good at this kissing thing as he does in the above video.  Too Cute!!!