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Foreign Drama

Empress Ki Hulu +5

51 episodes 2013 – 2014

I can’t believe I got through this drama!  Okay, I confess that I skipped from about 40 – 49.  It wasn’t because I thought they wouldn’t be good.  It was because I can only handle so much evil and back stabbing in people.  The moment the dowager turned against Lady Ki and the Emperor (her own son) that was the moment I didn’t want to see.  I also could not have gotten through the scenes where Lady Ki’s first son, Star, was turned against and I believe ultimately murdered.  This, for me, was too much to watch!!!!!

Yet, the drama was everything you want!  Ji Chang Wook was amazing!!!!  I’m not joking here.  This guy can draw you in, entrap you and keep you glued to the screen, wishing each moment that he was loving you.  Yep, that’s the way I felt.  Even when he was being a simpering fool I still wanted him to look at me the way he did Lady Ki.

Okay, I confess that I didn’t like the King or the Prince liking a guy, but she was really a girl, so I could get through it.

Ha Ji Won was not only beautiful, but intriguing in her multi-faceted talents in this drama.  I wonder if anything about her was true about the real Empress Ki.  If she was as wonderful as the character, I would have wanted to meet her.  Lady Ki kept me thrilled with her abilities to shine, control, manipulate, and love.

Joo Jin Mo is not only handsome but he showed his virility in every scene, even when he cried.  I love this actor!  I wanted him to win Nyang back, but I just couldn’t stop wanting her to fall in love with the Emperor.  He was so deeply in love with her from the very beginning, and devoted much the way my husband is to me.  Endearing!!!!!  Yet, Wang Yoo loved her just as deeply, just not as passionately.

Baek Jin Hee is not only beautiful but an excellent evil empress that makes you hate her, feel sorry for her, and sad when she had to die.  I consider that outstanding acting ability.  Normally, I just hate the evil woman, but this girl brought out many emotions that surprised me.  No matter what she’d done, she loved her son and I didn’t want her to die.

Lee Moon Sik, I don’t know what it is about this guy but every time he was on the screen I just smiled.  He made me feel warm inside.  His acting was great, but his face is warm.  I like him!

Kim Seo Hyung is another beautiful actress.  When she gave her devious smile and laugh I would have been intimidated, no that isn’t true, I would have been scared to death had I lived knowing the character she portrayed.  The way she plotted to have her own son slowly poisoned so she could have the power she hungered, the way she turned against both grandson’s (maybe had one killed, certainly she kicked him out of the castle) this was the purest form of evil to me.  Hard to pull off and be believable.  This actress accomplished this very task.

Jeon Kuk Hwan is an actor that convinces you that he is on your side when he smiles.  It is always surprised to discover just how evil he is.  His plotting, devious murderous acts and command due to fear

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