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Foreign Drama

Hyde, Jekyll and I Hulu +5

20 epidsodes 2015

If anyone could make us believe that Seo Jin and Robin were two different people, Hyun Bin will do the job!  I don’t know about any of you but Robin completely convinced me that he was alive and capable of living a life loving Ha Na, played by Han Ji Min.  Probably, most of you like me, wanted her to have both men, love both men and stay with both men forever – but that just isn’t likely because she would always be betraying one love for the other – then it isn’t real.

Okay, so what did I think of the end?  I cried – a lot!  I didn’t want Robin to die.  I actually wanted him to feel alive, as one with Seo Jin.  Didn’t work out that way – but Seo Jin did take on all of his traits.  So I loved the end!!!!!  It nearly couldn’t have been more perfect.

I also thought it was rather fitting that Seo Jin could not remember the wedding.  This also made me sad-because it made you accept that Robin disappeared.  It’s like a death – a death that should be controlled but he won’t let you.  Sad!!!!

Han Ji Min was good.  I can’t say I was always excited with her.  Sometimes, rarely though, her character was just to off the charts for me and unbelievable.  This was more early on to midway through the show, rather than at the end.  I’ve seen better actresses, but she still did a good enough job to bring me in to the emotions the men were having toward her.

As actresses go many times I was more convinced by Hyeri.  She may be young to this industry but her character was convincing as a young girl in love with a man and then finding her heart with another boy.  A good looking young man!

I did not care for the Shin Eun Jung as Kang Hee Ae (Psychiatry).  She was unable to persuade me that she was her character.  Didn’t happen!


Lee Joon Hyuk as police officer Na (Kangnam Police Station’s officer) was endearing at times but he was the most pathetic cop I ever watched.  Horrible team of investigators = but I wonder if this wasn’t the writing rather than the acting.  When he was just being sweet, I believed him.


Sung Joon as Yoon Tae Joo was tooooooo cute!  Tall, good looking, able to win me over as a good guy and as a villain and as a friend.  I loved him.  Hope to see more of this man in a leading role.

Han Sang Jin as Ryu Seung Yun (Executive Director of Wonder Group Hotel) was the funniest villain I ever watched.  Instead of hating him, I was giggling over his ridiculous antics.   

And finally, Lee Duk Hwa as Goo Myung Han (Chairman of Wonder Group, Seo Jin’s father) good actor – but I hated his character.  When he tried to console Robin at the end – who would fall for that?  I didn’t.  You can’t go from doing anything to deny a person, to suddenly consoling them and make it believable. 

So, in conclusion – I would watch this drama over again and enjoy it as much the second as I did the first.  Hope you felt the same.

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