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Foreign Drama

Panda and Hedgehog-01.jpg

Panda and Hedgehog

Hulu +5 16 episodes 2012

I was so surprised to find out that Lee Dong Hae is one of Super Junior.  He plays a rough and tough orphan that is a fantastic patissier.   Is he the best actor I’ve ever watched – no, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying him in this drama!  So, he must have done a pretty good job!  Huh?

This drama is full of twist that keeps it interesting.  I love Choi Jin Hyuk and even though he doesn’t get the girl in this drama he is as good as always.

Yoon Sung Ah is a cute girl with a bubbly acting personality.   Her whinny little personality added a flavor that made the drama cute.  There are actually many cute personalities in this drama.  Oh Yi Na was about the funniest and cutest of them all.  The way she bounced in and out of the drama was adorable.  Always her character was interesting and kept your interest.  Han Seung Hyun had a very small part but each scene he was in, I watched him and enjoyed his part.  Another Hyung that kept your interest was the attractive, Jung Min Jin.  A real cutie pie!

Park Geun Hyung is a great actor.  The way he portrays this fun loving Grandpa is heartwarming.

Yoo Seung Mok – you don’t know if you like him or are annoyed by him.  I think that shows talent.

Yoo Soo Young – I wasn’t crazy about this girl’s part but she did a good job.

Every person in this drama did well, and kept it interesting.  It was cute, fun and interesting!  The small amount of love was the best part.  If I had to rank Lee Dong Hae on this part I would have to give him an A+.  I would like to be on the receiving end of one of his kisses – oh yes, it looked like he was an expert!

Now for the end – okay, not so great but I like the cake ring.  Now it’s time for 1,2,3 Go!

Lee Dong Hae sang two songs – Plz don’t and Don’t Go.  Super Junior sang Loving you and Choi Jin Hyuk sang Inverted Love.  Hope you enjoy!

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