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Foreign Drama

Oh My Ghost-p1.jpg

Oh My Ghostess (Oh My Ghost) Hulu & Drama Fever

16 episodes 2015

I wasn’t going to watch this, but decided I would.  I loved it so much that I finished it before watching last episode of Yong Paul with Joo Won.

If you can watch a man fall in love with a ghost and a girl in a drama – this is the one to watch.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching this drama.  The Chef and Bong Sun were so convincing together, you really felt like you were watching innocent love grow.

I can’t tell you that Cho Jung-Seok was my leading man dream, but that boy is good!  He had me totally convinced he was a young man in love for the first time.  Sweet!  He may be a very small man, but he can love with a lot of power in his body.  Watching him cry and care for his woman was endearing.

Park Bo-Young was about as adorable as a puppy, just as they say in the drama.  She was pure, innocent and convincing.  Apparently, she is in Werewolf Boy.  I think I will watch it now that I know she is in the film.  She cries so believingly that I was nearly in tears watching her.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actress quite this convincing, with the exception of my two fav’s.  Still, she is truly good!

Kim Seul-Gi was in both, Kill Me Heal Me and Flower Boy Next Door.  I’ve liked her in everything I’ve watched so far.  It was hilarious watching her character in Bong Sun’s body trying to seduce the Chef.  I loved her vibrant character.

Lim Ju-Hwan Was in Boys Over Flowers and Snow Queen (which I still haven’t finished).  I like this guy!  He seemed almost dull in the beginning because he was so sweet and sugary, but boy did he bounce out and surprise you!  He was so convincing that he had me in the palm of his hand, and shocked when I figured out the truth.  Good acting!

I couldn’t catch if Kang Ki-Young was bi, gay, or just a dork, but he was fun to watch.  I grew much attached to him.  He has almost know shows behind his name so he must be new to acting (at least by Asian Wiki’s post).  I hope he does more acting along his journey.

Lee Dae-Yeon – he’s just a good honest actor.

Lee Jung-Eun –I love her!  Fun and Funny

Truly I liked everyone in this drama.  Watch it!  You will like them too!

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