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Foreign Drama


Yong Pal Hulu +4

18 episodes 2015

Joo Won was perfect for this role!  He has the correct temperament for a doctor, which he’s already proven, and he has the right amount of loving to offer Kim Tae Hee.  She, on the other hand, was gentle, scared and vicious!  I loved her acting, but not her character (part of the time).

It pains me to give this drama a four, but I just did not like all the backstabbing, vicious, relentless, greedy characters.  However, they all did a great job!

I understand that the wealthy often find themselves in an environment with just too much power with those that are employed by them.  It sickens me!  It is for this reason alone, that this drama failed to be on the top of my list.

Still, Joo Won maintained a compassionate doctor, working to save any life.  Once he fell in love, his love was unending throughout the drama.  In the end, he won the woman he’d saved from the throes of a deep sleep.  However, not until many people had already died, and those left continued to plot to kill.  No one was safe.

Jo Hyun-Jae was one murderous CEO.  The only person safe around him was his wife, played by Chae Jung-An.  I can’t believe anyone fell for her antics!

Jung Woong-In played a greedy surgeon who would trade his soul to anyone who bought him.  Then he becomes a true doctor, thanks to Yong Pal.  It is hard to believe that a man that keeps a woman in a deep sleep for three years, later cuts her jugular vein, suddenly becomes honest and good.

Song Kyung-Cheol plays a gangsterwho ends up being one of the best men in the whole drama.  Come on!  Well, either way, I liked him!

There is one good person throughout the drama that I really liked, Kim Mi-Kyung.  She is a gem!

How many cops will be after a man, and then just let him walk away?  In this case, it was a life saver.  The life saver was played by Yoo Seung-Mok.

I recommend this drama if you like greed and violence.  If you are just looking for the love to pour over your heart – this may not be your best choice.

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