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Foreign Drama

Noble, My Love Hulu +2 (The Noble You)

20 episodes 2015 (each 15 minutes in length)

This was the worst, cutest 15-minute drama I’ve ever seen.  Truly!  That sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.  I swear to you, that the director of this play went out to find the cutest, built guy, he(she) could, then made a choppy drama.  This drama is nothing more than a short story put on film.

Sung Hoon is the hunk they chose.  Somehow I missed him in Faith, with Lee Min Ho.  He is a really nice-looking man who reminds me of a young Kim Jong Kook.  In the beginning of the drama, his acting his awful.  By the end, he has found his stride.  Then, he only became noticed in his acting career in 2011.  Not to mention, Asian Wiki claims he is 184 centimeters.  If it’s true – that’s pretty tall!

His co-actress, Kim Jae Kyung, started being recorded for her acting roles in 2010.  I liked seeing Korean actors loving on their pets.  This is the one area I really don’t like about Korea -they eat dogs and cats.  I just can’t handle that!  Anyway, she did a decent job, if you can get past her fake crying, goofy reaction to lightning and thunder, and the way, she obeys the dominant.  What is that about?  Seriously, I wanted to puke over how he ordered her around, demanding that he knew who she was with, what she was doing, and demanded she signed a contract of convenience.

In episode 11, they have their second kiss.  This time, the kiss is in public.  It is one of the worst kisses ever filmed.  I know he had to hold a pose, but everything about that pose was just wrong.  Later, his kisses do appear more genuine.

Even so, this drama was cute and kept me watching all the way through -but only because each drama was so short.  I couldn’t have lasted any longer!

I just wanted to mention Park Eun Suk, who is making his debut performance here.  He is also cute, and even though he wasn’t a great actor or dancer, he held his own.  there is as well, Kim Dong Suk, who was in Dr. Jin, and, ironically, Yong Pal.  He did is share to help make this drama a little more interesting.

If you’ve got only 15 minutes to spare, and need a Kdrama fix, flip to Noble, My Love.  You may get a kick out of the rare moments that the acting really begins.

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