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I’m not going to talk about those sins which we all know are against God.  I want to remind myself of all those little things I do that “feel good,” so I don’t think of them as wrong.

These acts, by their very nature, allow our minds to dwell in negative thoughts, and expose us to trigger that lead to sinful behaviors.

Cussing – I rarely say a cuss word!  My girls lecture me whenever I let one spew from my mouth.  However, there are moments it really feels good!  Most sin rolls around in our gut, and we feel bad.  Even so, when you’re really angry or hurt, a cuss word releases all the tension, helping us to feel better.

Still, once I say the first cuss word, I find myself letting them rip off my tongue more easily.  Suddenly, I find my mind forgetting the standards I’ve set for my life, and I allow thoughts to seep in.

Why is that?  I know who I want to be.  I know what kind of person I accept within myself.  Why, then, is it so easy to fall back into the old me simply because I uttered a word that is meaningless, unless I give it warrant?

Being a Christian is hard!  I want to reach a point where God’s words naturally slip from my lips, and I no longer struggle with the ease of sin.  I have to wake up each morning in remembrance of the Lord, so that I focus my day on the good that comes from being Christ like.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I have a long way to go before I am ever graced with the values of Christ.  It is a daily effort, and frequently I fall short!

Still, on those rare moments, when I discover I just did something that was selfless and pure of heart -I inwardly glow with pride in my accomplishments.  But, isn’t pride another unholy “good”?  I guess I will have to save that one for another post.

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I am a mother of 16 children and grandchildren. Some of them are by blood and the rest by heart. I was a foster mom for a few years and the children I cared for during that time have mostly stayed with me through the years. I love to write, read, dance, paint, and play with my animals. I enjoy dressage riding and just being in the barn. My words are my gift, as they allow you to know me as I really am. Thanks for joining me on this ride of life!


  1. We have living with us an exchange student from Seoul, S. Korea. I will tell her about your blog. She “cusses,” however. It’s just that she won’t tell us what she is saying when a bad word slips out in her native tongue 😉 Ha!

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    • That would be awesome. I don’t know the cuss words either -but I’d still like to talk with her -in Romanized words. I’m learning Hangul -but I don’t have it memorized. Plus, I don’t have the ability to type in Hanguel.

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