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Foreign Drama

The Time We Were Not In Love-p1.jpg

The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days Hulu +5 or (The Time We Were Not In Love)

16 episodes 2015

Ha Ji Won is such a talented actress.  This is not the first time I’ve enjoyed her performance.  She was Empress Ki and also performed in Secret Garden.  These are two of my top dramas.

Lee Jin Wook has an average look, but can turn your heart when he opens his eyes wide, or when he tilts his head and pulls back his hair.  This is my first time to view him on the screen, with an exception to the few minutes I watched I Need Romance 2.  His innocence, on the screen, kept me waiting for the next scene, he and Oh Ha Na would be together.  Such simple caring for another, with selfless obsession -made my heart smile!

Joon Gyun Sang is tall!!!!  He had very small parts in Faith and Pinocchio.  I thought he was so handsome in Pinocchio and Lee Jung Suk’s older brother out for vengeance.  I still thought he was handsome as I watched him sharing and caring for his love.  There were times his personality was over the top, and times I couldn’t understand why Oh Ha Na was upset with him.  I could understand why he made her heart beat so rapidly!  There were glimpses of him actually playing the piano.  During those brief shots, he looked incredibly talented.  However, during the scenes he was not playing, it did look fake.  He could take a lesson from Choi Min Ho, in Pianist, to learn how to look the part.  Alternatively, maybe Ji Change Wook in Five Fingers.  (I’m still watching this drama)

Shin Jung Keun and Seo Ju Hee were adorable as Ha Na’s parents.  I wanted to take them home and become their daughter.

Lee Joo Seung is always too cute!  I love him in everything he does.  One day, he will be a leading man.

Jin Kyung is extremely talented.

In the first few episodes, we are adorned with the handsomeness of L, from the band Infinite.

This drama drags a little at points.  You also become frustrated with how long it takes Choi Won to go after Ha Na.  However, in the end love always takes its place.

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