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Foreign Drama

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I Need Romance 3

+5 Hulu 16 episodes 2014

Sung Joon is quickly becoming a top star in my books.  I dearly loved him in this drama.  Over and over, he made my heart beat with his tenderness, and those kisses.  Let’s just talk about his kiss –sensational!  Such desire behind each touch, and caress.  This alone, quickly raced him to the maximum record of my passion button.  How Kim So Yeon could even look at Namgung Min after that, still leaves me speechless.  Writing, or not writing.  Director or no director, I would have lingered.

Out of all the drama’s, that I’ve seen Sung Joon in, the only one I didn’t like was Can We Get Married.  I loved him in Hyde, Jekyll and Me, Lie to Me, and Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

Kim So Yeon has been a favorite of mine ever since Prosecutor Princess, with the amazing Park Shi Woo.  Yes, I felt her character, along with Wang Ji Won, were a little too eager for the bedroom, but the drama is based off of Sex in the City, so it is to be expected.

Wang Ji Won was in three episodes of The Heirs, but I can’t remember a thing about her.  She is also one of the primary characters in Divorce Lawyer in Love, which I have not seen yet.  I just couldn’t get her character in this drama.  At some points, she was the wicked witch we all wanted to hate.  At other moments, I genuinely felt sorry for her.  Was she truly in love with Kang Tae Yoon?  I still couldn’t answer that question.

Namgung Min is typically good in this drama.  However, his best role (for me) remains his character in The Girl Who Sees Smells.  I felt he was the true and only thrill for that drama.  Unfortunately, he remains about the same in every scene he plays.  He is a very one-sided character actor.

I felt sorry for the character portrayed by Park Hyo Joo.  It amazes me that a single woman within the throws of pregnancy can still be terminated, refused paternity leave, and denied a position of importance.  However, this woman was a true … well, you know where I’m going with this.  The man she was with, Yu Ha Jun, is a bit of a cutie.  He had a decent part in The Princess Man – and I do remember him.

Yoon Seung Ah and Park Yoo Hwan was just about as cute together as Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon.  At first, I thought Park Yoo Hwan was homely, but as the drama moved on and they brought out his masculinity; I fell for him.  It didn’t hurt that they changed his ridiculous hairstyle, mid-way through.  I actually believe this was intentional.

This drama was great fun to watch, and kept me glued to the screen.  After watching this I may even watch the first two I Need Romance dramas.

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