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Foreign Drama

Queen In-Hyun's Man-p1.jpg

Queen and I +5 Hulu (Queen In-hyun’s Man)

16 episodes 2012

Ji Hyun Woo is my new crush!  He is fabulous, on screen.  I once started Trot Lovers and didn’t feel it was for me.  I think now that I know Hyun Woo is in this drama.  I will go back and try it again.

He is also in a new drama, Angry Mom.  However, I can’t find this drama on Drama Fever or Hulu.   😦  Still, he does have a song on iTunes, from Trot Lovers.  It is called All Day.  I like it!

How many films have I watched Yoo In Na in?  She seems to be in everything.  Secret Garden, The Greatest Marriage, My Love From Another Star, and these last two I’m going to watch – You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin and Potato Star 2013QR3.  Her latest film is Secret Message – but there is nothing out there about it.  I just learned on Drama Fever, In Na does have a new drama -My Secret Hotel.  She stars with Jin Yi Han and Nam Goong Min.  I think I will start this drama next.  I wonder if this is the Secret Message I saw.  It could have been written incorrectly.

Kim Jin Woo is a cutie.  I’ve only watched him in one other drama, My Lovely Girl, but I don’t remember much about him.  I do remember that I didn’t like his character.  Even so, I thought he was adorable in this drama.  I would have completely fallen for him, but then I am a sucker for an ego.  That must be why I fell in love with Bob.

I wonder if he performed with Key, from Shinee in the play, The Three Musketeers.  Apparently, Jin Woo played D’Artagnan.

It would be unfair not to mention Ga Deuk Hee, as she was a major player in this drama.

What woman wouldn’t dream of having a strong, intelligent, capable man pop into her life, and take her on a journey of sweet intrigue, and gentle love?  Sharing in the happiness of this couple gives you goose bumps.  With all ups, there must be downs, and this drama has them.  The agonizing fear of being separated, potentially forever, from the person you love -well, it calls for gut wrenching scenes.  Both these actors deliver!  I felt knots in my stomach, each time he would return to 300 years earlier.

Each time Bong Do nearly dies, I had to remind myself it was just film.  I’m serious!  It was hard to watch.  Waiting, wondering, how he would get back to the woman he loved when the charm was no longer working -ugh!

True confessions – I believe it was episode 12 where there was about 10 minutes where things got a slight bit unbalanced, and there didn’t seem to be any chemistry.  Then the couple went for a bike ride, and all was perfect, in my mind of imagination.

One of my favorite scenes, is a simple scene.  He is talking to her in a pay phone.  It begins to rain.  In Ha is standing next to him, outside the booth.  He pulls her into the phone booth.  With her back leaning against his chest, I felt a natural warmth between the two that was magical.

Okay, you’re right – I can’t leave out the kiss.  At first their kisses were full of surprise, soft, and lacking passion.  Still, they were soft, and felt real.  I liked them.  Oh, but it gets better.  Hyun Woo doesn’t just have a warm look about his face, and a great smile that sweeps across your heart – this man can kiss!  Ah, how that makes everything better!

Each episode is only about 47 minutes long, so the drama goes by quickly.  I hope you tune and love it as much as I did.

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