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Korean Drama

Becoming a Billionaire +4 Hulu

20 episodes 2010

I absolutely loved this drama until the very last episode.  Yes, everything fell into place, and all are happy, but -they ruined the last hour, until about the endmost three minutes.

I don’t know why they sometimes take a great drama -drag it out for 20 episodes, and still can’t manage to wrap it up nice and tight at the end.  For some reason, the Korean directors often chop of the final moments in brief answers.

Whyhaeyo? (Why)

I don’t want things to rush through a year!  I don’t want to find out the love that has been developing -is messed up.  No, don’t worry, I’m not talking about the main couple.  They always find each other, even when the writers do everything they can to make you believe other wise.

Don’t they realize that the ending is often more important then the climax, or the beginning?  A great ending, leaves the drama in your mind, like a lollipop.  “It’s good to the last memory!”

Please.  I am begging you.  Give me love that fills me up until the very end.  That’s the flavor I desire.

Ji Hyun Woo is an amazing actor.  He knows just when to pull back, leaving your mouth watering for so much more, and when to give everything.  I swear to you, even his lip touching kisses (that I hate) leaves you breathless.  Soft moments that feel so tender and warm.  Ah, the man gives me goose pimples.

Lee Bo Young was great at her character.  Still, I wondered how a man could fall in love with her.  Jeez, she was hard to like.  She had her moments when you truthfully feel sorry that she is so unable to soften.  A couple of times, she was actually soft and adorable.  It was a tough character to pull off, but Bo Young did a smashing job.

I adored Lee Si Young.  Yes, she is a villain for most of the beginning, but she was so cute doing it.  I felt laughter bubbling in my stomach by her antics.  Her undeniable acceptance and love for Namgung Min’s character, was flawless.  I admired the depth of her devotion.

I will always be fans of Yun Ju Sang and Kim Eung Su.

To end this, I will add that I love how in every drama, I watch Ji Hyun Woo perform in, he always sings, and in this one, he plays the guitar a lot.  He is a natural talent.  Most of the time I see performers mask their talent in the Karaoke room, or it sounds too perfect, like they are singing in a recording studio.  With Hyun Woo -he sounds natural.  I like this about him.  This actor is real to the core -and I admire his dedication and honesty.

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