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Foreign Drama

Falling in Love with Soon Jung Hulu +5

16 episodes 2015

This drama was way out there, in the hopes of me falling in love with Jung Kyoung Ho.  This actor is really, desperately thin.  Also, I just didn’t find him attractive.  This happens, though it is always disappointing.

I did think Yoon Hyun Min was very handsome.  I probably held onto the drama for him and Kim So Yeon.

Apparently, this actor makes an appearance as a police officer in episode 4 of Because it’s the First Time, with Choi Min Ho.  I don’t remember seeing him.

He has a new drama, this year, One More Happy Ending.  I may have to check it out.  Despite my inability to fall for his appearance -he is a very talented actor.  It may have been this that ended up sealing the deal, and my heart was swayed for him.

I finally discovered what it was about his appearance that turned me off.  He tends to hold his mouth open, and when he closes it -he’s quite handsome.  This is just my personal taste though.  I wonder if I met him in person, if my thoughts could drastically change.  Probably!  He does have some charisma.  Just put some weight on his bones, keep the lips together (except for his gorgeous smile),Fa and we may have a very handsome man -all the time.

Okay, enough of that!  This drama was sad, but it kept my interest all the way through.  If you love murder mysteries, with romance -this is an excellent fit.

Kim So Yeon is as good in this drama as she is in front of every camera she appears before.  Most recent I watched, was I Need Romance 3.

Yoon Hyun Min makes forces your heart to hope for him, in this love triangle.  Well, with the exception that he murdered her fiancé, played by Jin Goo.

This drama would not have been as exciting without the talent of Jo Eun Ji, Lee Si Un, Park Young Gyu, Ahn Seok Hwan and Nam Myung Ryul.

Jo Eun Ji is such a talented actress.  I loved her performance in this drama, as well as, The Greatest Marriage.  I look forward to seeing her again in her latest drama, Oh My Venus.

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