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Foreign Drama -I Can Hear Your Voice

I Hear Your Voice-a002.jpg

I Can Hear Your Voice   Hulu +5

18 episodes 2013

Lee Jung Suk is always one of my favorites.  This drama was nearly as good as Good Doctor and Pinocchio.

I love how he can convince you of his strength, intellect, power, and then bring you to tears -he is one of the best at this.  One moment you see him as a man, and the next you want to just hold him, and comfort him.

Lee Bo Young is not one of my favorite actresses.  Still, she plays her character well.  She is older than Jung Suk, and frequently she treats him like a school boy, which is a bit of a turn off for me.  10 years difference is a bit hard to pull together in a love relationship as well -just my opinion.

Yoon Sang Hyun is one man I love to see in a drama.  He is older, but truly handsome, and so talented.  In this drama he is pretty much a nerd, who ends up being an ex-cop, and over all pretty cool guy.  I felt he was a better match for the girl to end up with -but no one listens to me!  Besides, how can Jung Suk ever lose the girl -it just isn’t going to happen.

My son came in while I was watching the drama and said that Jung Suk looked like a pretty girl.  Now, I see him as a young man who is very pretty.  He has just enough masculinity to make him very appealing, despite and because of his pretty face.

Lee Da Hee portrays a very sad character in this drama.  She is vicious at first, but throughout the drama I just felt sorry for her.

Kim Hae Sook is wonderful in this drama.  She was that wonderful smart butt mom, that turns around and surprises you at every shot.  Her role wasn’t a big one, but it was powerful, and vital to the making of this film.

Jung Woong In is always a bad guy.  Why?  When his personality turns in his drama’s he plays a nice guy very well.  Maybe because he just reminds you of someone evil.  Something about the looks he can plant on his face, expression that are scary, he just fits the role.  But, when that face softens, he wins you over, no matter how awful he’s been.  Talented man!

Kim Ga Eun and the boy that had a crush on her, helped to make this drama funny.

So much talent -Kim Kwang Kyu; Jun Ju Sang; Choi Sung Joon; Kim Byung Ok; Goo Seung Hyun (who was about as precious as a child can be!)

This is a must see if you are a Lee Jung Suk fan -something I will be for a very long time.


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