Day: January 5, 2016

Manga Underground

Several of my family members live on the same land our Great Grandfather bought in the 1920’s.  It’s been sectioned off, and us (now) older generation, each have our own acreage.  My husband and I got 16 of the 21 acres my dad inherited.  My sister owns the other five. My cousin (Joe) and his wife (Sue) and I have been hiding a secret.  We love Japanese Manga’s.  So, we started a manga club.  Once a month we will watch all or part of a manga, and I will blog about it.  If you love manga’s please join us.  If you email me at, I will put any review you give to add to the ones I place on here -or a new one, you’ve watched.  We hope to start a club of many. Here is our first manga. Sword Art Online Netflix 16 volumes 20 minutes approx. each 2012 With the virtual world ever growing, we all dream of being Michael Douglas, in Disclosure.  Stepping into a real world, where your interaction, with …

Korean Drama -To The Beautiful You

My day wouldn’t be complete without sharing my first drama -and my first sighting of Choi Min Ho.  To The Beautiful You is a fun drama, showing love as all young people should experience.  Pure, and perfect!  It should have been named To The Beautiful Min Ho! Choi Min Ho is the perfect man, artist and performer -all role up into -him!  Come on, you can’t know me without knowing I think he is perfect. I can’t leave out Sulli or Lee Hyun Woo.  They both helped to bring this drama to life.  Hyun Woo is a child actor that knows his way around any character -and delights his audience with his performances.  Sulli is a member of the Korean girl band f(x). The song in this piece is by Sunny and f(Luna), called It’s Me.  I have this one, but my favorite is by Onew -In Your Eyes. It’s a bit shaky at first but it gets better.  Onew is true to his nature and forgets some of the words, but his fans don’t …

Foreign Drama -The Hours Of My Life

11 episodes 2014 My most moving and beautiful film that I believe everyone should watch.  Haruma Miura allows us to see into the mind of ALS, and the choice between living or dying.  You will only see Haruma talking here -because he stands alone in this film.  None can touch him!  The rest of the cast are there as a prop for him to further his performance.  Prepare to be moved beyond words. You’ll see why this beautiful Japanese actor is the star in my mind, as I wrote  The Living Miracle.  

Foreign Drama -The Princess’ Man

The Princess’ Man 24 episodes 2011 How could I ever leave out my favorite movie of all time.  Whether American, French, German, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican or Korean, this is my favorite drama ever. Park Shi Hoo is a powerhouse actor, and he delivers his best performance in this drama.  He can make you laugh, cry or break you down with emotion.  Moon Chae Won is one half of my favorite Korean female actresses.  The other half is Jun Ji Hyun. Chae Won is witty, innocent, dangerous and tender as she portrays this Romeo and Juliet remake. I have watched many dramas, movies and TV shows in my life time.  This is my best! I have three of the songs downloaded from this drama.  The one that came with this video is Love In A Day by Park Wan Kyu, and the other songs are,  I Love You Today by Baek Ji Young and The Princess Man (original soundtrack) by Yoon Hwa Ja In.  

Foreign Drama -#1 Kiss

My number 1 kiss in a Korean Drama. There has not been a single moment in my TV and Movie history that effected me as much as this single scene, this single kiss.  It is a beautiful mixture of words, music, tears, and pure emotion that pulls this kiss into the creation it is. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Kim Soo Hyun is the best Korean male kisser, on screen.  Jun Ji Hyun is one of the top actresses I’ve ever witnessed.  She is crazy, cold, an emotional wreck, pure, and when you need a love scene that is gut wrenching -she is your girl. I dynamic duo -seen at their best!