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Foreign Drama -Smile Donghae

Smile Donghae

2010-2011 Hulu 159 episodes +3

I started watching this drama because Ji Chang Wook was the star.  I was hesitant, with so many episodes.  I just don’t like more than 30 episodes, or they add too much fill, that makes me batty.

With the exception of Empress Ki.  No, I didn’t watch every episode of Empress Ki (also starring Ji Chang Wook) but it was because those episodes were just to gut wrenching for me to sit through.

So, I stayed with this drama, skipping a couple here and there after about 71 episodes.  Oh, my gosh -was it long!!!!

Why did I rate this with only a 3, when Chang Wook was in it?  Simple, Anna!

Yes, Do Ji Won was fantastic at portraying a mentally challenged woman.  However, her character was either crying, acting like a very young child (that could not possibly raise a child on her own), or screaming James, over and over and over and over.  I wanted to tape her mouth shut!  How can anybody pull off such gut wrenching crying in so many scenes?  Well, the answer could be simple -she had 159 weeks to split them up in.

The basic story was a great story line, where a young man discovers his fiancé dumped him for a wealthy dude, who ends up being his brother.  When the truth comes out, the brother and his mother do everything they can to destroy him.

Then, they all discover the brothers, (emotional) grandfather (the owner of the hotel) is actually the real grandfather of the young man.  Wow, does that blow things apart.  The betrayal, backstabbing, and manipulation  really goes into motion.

If this drama were 30 episodes, I think it would have been much better.  At the length it was -it was painful to sit through.

If Anna didn’t make you insane, the ridiculous writing would finish you off.  For instance, the two main characters get married, but during their wedding the grandfather passes out, so the wedding is cut short.  While trying to prove his brother stole slush funds to steal the hotel, Chang Wook (Donghae) works non-stop -ignoring his brand-new wife.

Okay, a week later, they finally end up in the bedroom alone together, and he is tired.  She offers him to lay his head on her lap.

The parents are sitting in the next room, and notice it is quiet in their daughters room.  They don’t knock, or consider maybe, just maybe they are being intimate (as they have consummated their marriage yet), they just walk in.  Come on!

It gets worse.  The mother starts waking the two sleeping birds, so they can come and eat dinner.  Fortunately, the father stops her and they let them sleep.  I don’t know about you, but if my husband of a week, who has yet to make me his, comes into my bedroom and wants to sleep -I’d be getting an annulment.  Furthermore, if my parents just walked right into my bedroom, when I was alone with said husband (that had not consummated our relationship) I’d be squealing!  That’s just me!

So, there were several ridiculous scenes, such as this, that stole some of the story.

I think this was an early show for Chang Wook, and you can clearly tell how much he’s grown as an actor.  If you can sit through it all, and Anna doesn’t make you want to rip out your hair -the storyline is good.

Oh Ji Eun, Lee Jang Woo, Jung Ae Ri, Park Hae Mi, Park Jung Ah, each do their share of bringing this drama to life.


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  1. anna drove me insane as well ,very long drama but i actually enjoyed it . the wronged got their rewards and the evil got their punishment even though lenient

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