Day: January 12, 2016

Flight On A String

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If there was a moment Just one of clarity for the place I should go For the thing I should be I would call to the heavens; thank the lord for it’s presence But it got lost in my messes It eluded my senses And to think I’m so concerned with the way I’m perceived When I’m forgotten once I leave There is nobody here to remember me Have I lost out on something Have I given up nothing? I am young aren’t I? I am young shouldn’t I? Run away Be a traveller Or so they say Yes that’s what I should be I should be a traveller and make money And have money work for me And be beautiful and thin And post pictures of my ice cream cones on Instagram And exercise copiously and hang out with all of my friends all the time And meditate and have a quiet mind And love and be loved but never too much Because I have to be independent I’m…

My Thoughts on Confessions

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As I watched the segment where the 16 year old boy “confessed” to murder in Making a Murderer, I was brought back to a time when I was 16.? My mom was very convincing and she knew a lot of people. I was the 3rd of four kids and start to finish, the oldest and youngest are 20 years apart. Needless to say, by the time I came around, she had learned all the tricks. I remember her questioning me a few times about where I had been and what I had done. The truth is, if she believed I went someplace then no matter what I told her, she was still going to believe I was there. I could tell in the way she questioned me. It went something like this: “I know you were at that party last night. I have talked to people who saw you there and if you lie to me I will be very disappointed and I won’t be able to trust you anymore so…


I was raised in the 60’s & 70’s, when everything was about love and peace.  Both are a universal language -I sure wished we would feel it more for one another.  I thought about the word LOVE.  It is such an amazing four letter word, with such power behind its meaning.  I pretty sure, the whole world has some knowledge of the way we Americans refer to this emotion.  But what about other countries.  Do we use their version of love?  Do we know what it is?  Will it have the same impact on us, just hearing it?  Let’s find out. With the exception of the first 7 -which I already knew, the rest came from  The ones I know are probably translated “I love you!” instead of just the word “love.” Korean’s say: Saranghaeyo Japanese say: Aishiteru Chinese say: 喜爱 Xǐ’ài  I know this word as (even though not sure of writing, so here is the sound) Whiney Wi Ni Ee something like this.  The I is long. French say: Je t’aime (any word in …

Just Jot It January 12

Jot -Skulls I’m not a hunter -I’m an animal nut!  So, what do I know about skulls? So, I thought I’d write about the Catacombs of Paris.  It is believed the catacombs holds the dead bodies of 6 million people.  Why?  That’s what I want to find out. Well -this will certainly promote cremation.  It seems the mines were caving in, and the people of the area needed a fix.  That wasn’t the only problem they were having -to many dead folks.  Yep, that’s right!  Their cemeteries were maxed out, but the dead kept dying.  Or rather, the living kept dying. Or, should I say -the dying kept wanting to be buried. Easy fix -use the dead to help hold up the mines.  Easy peasy! I can envision the nightly parade.  Men in black, walking along the sides of a wagon.  The sound of the horses hooves striking the cobblestone path, as the dead are carried to the mines, and their lifeless bodies stuffed into the crooks and cranies of the dirt and wood, meant to stabilize …


Possibly my favorite song.  Shinee performs 1000 years live, in Japan.  This song is on their Boy Meets U album, and is only sang in Japanese.  They show their beautiful capabilities in harmony.  Notice the way Min Ho’s deep voice resonates in your chest.  He moves me!


This is the song that first made them famous.  It’s called Replay now, but initially it was Noona You’re So Pretty.  Noona means older sister, a woman you admire, that is older. They will show clips of when they were all much younger and just beginning with this song.  Taemin was only 16 years old, at the time.  The oldest, Onew, was around 19 years old.   Again, this is sung in Japanese at the Toyko Dome.


This is Shinee at the Toyko Dome for there first solo performance.  Toyko Dome is extremely hard to get into -as you have to be invited.  The boys performed March 14th and 15th of 2015.  There are 55,000 seats at the dome, and it was a full house, both nights.  They performed a second time in December, to end their season tour. This is an older song -but still great.  Sherlock is performed in Japanese.  I prefer the Korean version, but I love this song, and this performance.  Key is the one in the red hair!

Shinee Minho

Min Ho hates solo singing.  Often, even though he wiles us with his dancing and charisma -it appears he lip syncs some of the time.  This shows just how pretty his voice is.  He’s about 19 here, and his inexperience on stage alone shows, but that just makes the performance just that much sweeter.  He is singing Milk Tea, in this video.