Day: January 18, 2016


When we write, we write from our hearts.  That does not mean we are heartless.  Anything and everything I post -is to entertain, and to help those God deems me fit. If I offend any person, or religion -I am sorry!  I love everyone, no matter who you may be, or what you believe and I do not wish to hurt anyone. That being said, I am a Christian -and my words will reflect my Christian beliefs.  As I believe you have the right to practice your religion, or no religion, I will keep my faith strong. In God, the Father -through the death of my savior, I will eternally give my faith.


I am freaking out right now.  When I first started blogging -I’d hoped people would want to be a part of my world -as I want to be a part of yours.  I just didn’t expect it to be happening this quickly.  I am a simple writer -with love for all of you.  Thank you for helping to bring us together. 500 Likes!  Zikes!  


A day I have been waiting for, has finally arrived.   I will accept it this honor with much gratitude. 100 likes!  Yikes -my heart is skipping beats as I jump up and down with joy.

Meet the Characters

The Living Miracle A Love Story Meet the Characters Outside of the absence of God, this book takes place in a basically peaceful time.           Those who believe in God, are in hiding. Dr. Izanagi Okamura – Master Okamura is the protagonist.  He is a man, afraid to die.  He believes his mind is far superior –to even a God.  Surviving years, with the transplantation of synthetic organs –he must create life, before it is too late.  Izanagi is from Japan, but comes to America at a young age. Hiroto Okamura – Hiroto is the grandson of Master Okamura.  He is the heir to the financial power, that is -Center of Life.  I chose Hiroto as my Hero’s name, from the lead male in a Japanese drama.  I loved the drama, and the actor.  Okamura comes from a student I had, from Japan –whose last name was the same.  She was a sweet girl, and her name has just stayed with me. La’Besa Okamura – L4-13354 – La’Bessa is the living miracle.  She began as …

Just Jot It January 18

Just Jot It January 18th – Elegance     Jot -Elegance I have always valued the beauty of an elegant woman.  As a child, I adored Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, Hedy Lamarr, Susan Hayward, Ava Gardner, Ann Sheridan, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Lucille Ball, Vivian Leigh, Jane Russell, Joan Bennett, Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Davis and Lana Turner. I’m sure there are many I’ve forgotten.  Their names are not important -it is what they signified -to me. These women were the essence of elegance.  Possibly, not off screen -but on screen -they personified all that I believed a woman was.  I dreamed of wearing long silken dresses, that slipped over my curves.  I wanted my hair to drape over my shoulders, and curl away from my face.  My shoulders cloaked with fur, and my feet adorned with heels. I craved a floor of marble, stairways that curved over the entrance, and the finest China to serve tea, to my guest. I would sit at the grand piano, and sing songs that would leave you …

Just Jot It January 17

Just Jot It January 17th – Collection   Jot -Collection I use to collect lots of things -horse statues, mugs, rocks, antique books, books, and dishes -if I got the urge, I’d buy anything that caught my eye.  Then -I bought my parents house. How did buying this house stop my urge to collect?  Simple -my dad was a hoarder.  Not your typical hoarder -he was neat and organized about his hoarding.  A result of living during the depression.  Mom didn’t want to move all his stuff -so I got the pleasure. It was difficult to get rid of anything of my dad’s.  It meant so much to him, and so, it meant something to me as well. My dad grew up on this land, and his dad was raised here as well.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned that, so I apologize.  Daddy built this house, with his own hands, and all of this was where he wanted to die. Mom didn’t want the same thing.  She wanted to live in town, with people around.  Our home is secluded, encircled …