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Foreign Drama -Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus-p1.jpg

Oh My Venus Hulu +5

16 episodes 2015

I started watching Rough Cut and I have I’m Sorry, I Love You waiting to be watched.  These are two drama’s that helped to build the name of So Ji Sub.  Up until now, I only knew of him, and nothing about his acting ability.

Shin Min Ah has made so many well known drama’s including one of my favorites with Lee Seung Gi -My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox.  There is also, Arang and the Magistrate -which wasn’t my cup of tea; A Love to Kill with Bi Rain -which I’ve yet to finish; Punch and Beautiful Days.

She is a beautiful actress with a gift on screen.  In this drama, she is especially wonderful, because she makes herself vulnerable as an overweight lawyer.

Her relationship with Ji Sub, grows so slowly -you’re not sure when they become a couple -as if, they always were.

This is the quietest drama I’ve ever watched.  Voices are almost never raised, there is only one extreme moment of anger, or and a power struggle.  How then, can it be so great -you’ll have to watch it to find out.  This is not a drama that creates passion -that fills you with words.  It is soft, endearing and slow to build, into a lifetime love.

The proposal is one I will be talking about for a long time.

Jung Gyu Woon was in Birth of a Beauty -which I didn’t finish, and Dr. Champ.  I swear this man is an elf.  You’ve got to see his ears.  His character is this particular drama is someone you are supposed to hate, but you just can’t get there.  Despite his betrayal, he is genuine to both women.  I adored many aspects of this character.  All long-term relationship, break-ups should be done with this much thought, and caring.

I have Horse Doctor and I Need Romance 2 -slated to watch.

Yu In Young is a wonderful actress. Another one you should hate -and do, but then you don’t.  A lot of women will be able to relate with In Young’s character.  Boy, is she tall!  172cm -is her recorded height.

She has been in so many drama’s I’ve watched -but I didn’t recognize her.  In my opinion, they did little to enhance her beauty, as I thought she was homely.  I believe that was due to her hair style.

Mask, The Three Muskateers, My Love From the Star, Empress Ki, and the Snow Queen are the drama’s I’ve seen her in.

Sung Hoon is cute!  He was in Faith with Lee Min Ho.  Two drama’s slated to watch that he was in, is: Passionate Love and Birth of a Family.

How could we not mention the amazing and wonderful Henry?  This is first real breakout -that I’ve found.  He was wonderful, and endearing in this drama.  I just discovered that he is not Korean.  He was raised in Canada and is partly a Hong Konger and half Taiwanese.  Fot those who are unaware, Henry plays several instruments -but is most especially brilliant at the violin (in my opinion) and is a member of the very popular Kpop band -Super Junior.

Jo Jun Ji is always great.  I know instantly, I will like the drama when I see her.  She adds her personal flare.  With 22 movies under her belt and 9 drama’s -this woman is popular.  Fall in Love with Soon Jong; The Greatest Wedding; Personal Taste and Let’s Eat 2 are the ones I’ve either seen her in, or have slated to watch.

Others who keep showing up in my favs are: Choi Il Hwa; Jin Kyung; Choi Jin Ho; Kim Jung Tae.




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