Day: January 25, 2016

Sex = Love or Sex is Just Sex -Women Only!

I love talking with DaleCooper57.  He will keep your thinking on the edge of thought. Dale believes that in today’s modern values -there are nearly as many women going to bars, looking for sex -as men. I believe, nearly all women will tell a man what he wants to hear -for love! Dale believes that women do not equate sex with a chance at love. I believe, women have sex (not only for the high), in the hopes of it turning into love. Which one of us is right, ladies?  Men, you may comment -but your voice doesn’t count.

Just Jot It January 25

Just Jot It January 25th – Prestidigitation   Jot -Prestidigitation The sleight of hand can be referred to as prestidigitation or legerdemain.  I’ve never heard either of these words before today. Since I am magic illiterate -I chose a video of Shin Lim on Penn and Teller Fool Us.  Since prestidigitation has more to do with tricks seen up close -such as card tricks -this is perfect.  Shin Lim is the best I’ve ever watched -and it seems real!