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Porco Rosso

DVD 93 minutes 1992

This anime was directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki.  The original film was created using the Japanese voices of Shuichiro Moriyama; Tokiko Kato; Akemi Okamura; Akio Otsuka and Toshio Suzuk.

Anime Underground -chose this as their first film.  The version we watched had been dubbed over in English (thankfully you couldn’t tell) and starred the voice of Michael Keaton.  Normally, I would have preferred to watch this film with the original voices, but since the characters were not Japanese -it worked.

How we rated this anime:

Joe Overall score: 8

Susie Overall score: 7

Dee Overall score: 4

We shared one sentence that would describe our scoring:

Joeit makes me laugh


Deehorrible ending

Dee Susie Joe
Cinematography 9 8 8
Script 7 7 6
Music 5 9 7
Acting 3 6 5
Story 4 8 10
Total Score 5.6 7.6 7.2

During our viewing, we ate popcorn and enjoyed some piping hot tea.  Blue (the cat) made a cameo appearance -and stole bits of popcorn from our fingers.  Kodiak (the huskadoodle) stole a bowl from the front lawn, and Dee (the owner) had to rescue it.

Things we all noticed:

  1. They made the American pilot into an idiot -however we were redeemed by the brilliant airplane engineer -a 17 year old girl.
  2. Porco had a little bit of Humphrey Bogart action and attire going on.
  3. The big boss Air Pirate looked a lot like Bluto -from Popeye anime
  4. Notice (as you watch this film) that one fighter pilot (Porco’s best friend) has a 1 on the side of his plane.  Porco had the number 4.  Madame Gina was married to three pilots and confessed her love for Marco (porco).  Susie felt this was a clear indication that Marco and Gina eventually married.  We’ll never know -stupid ending.

We wondered if there was any significance to the pig -in Japan.  Pig =stupid and rich w/leads to greed.

  • Well Porco appeared to earn handsome paychecks as a bounty hunter, and he was stupid for getting himself turned into a pig.  Greed was his to call when he forgot about his comrades during a WWI fight.

Next month, we have agreed to watch Black Butler.




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