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Foreign Drama -Ragnarok

Ragnarok  -Norwegian film -Netflix (under Foreign Films)

Released October 4, 2013 (1 hour 40 minutes)

This is my first Norwegian film, and my family loved it.  Our family is into adventurous movies, with a twist of danger.  This film did not fail us.  Of course, I know nothing about these actors but I will share what I learned of their talents, in this one production.

Pål Sverre Hagen plays an archeologist searching for profit that an ancient myth, is true.  He believes that the Oseberg Viking Ship holds the answer to Ragnarok.  You may be wondering what myth?  Well, at first I thought this was just a movie, without any history behind it.  I was wrong.

Ah, how great it is to learn other cultures -and share their story.

Ragnarok is a Norse mythology.  This is the point where we can relate -you see, Ragnarok is expected to come sometime in the future and kill everyone, including the gods of their culture -which includes Thor.  We all know Thor -as we watched Chris Hemsworth bring him to life, on our screen.

Ragnarok is supposed to submerse the world in water.  They believe that the world will renew itself as the water recedes -and their will be two survivors to repopulate the world.  Wow, this sounds just like Moses -but that is the past -and they believe it is the future.

Ragnarok -is an event, not a creature.  Funny, because I thought it had something to do with a creature -as this is where the movie led you too.  I must have misunderstood -not understanding the culture.  It is an Old Norse tell, meaning “Fate of the Gods” or “Twilight of the Gods”

Ah, well that explains the snake.  There is a church, Urnes stave church, that has carvings of snakes -believed to represent Ragnarok.

Nicolai Cleve Broch portrays an assistant that helps discover the map of Ragnarok.  He gets greedy -and keeps a baby, for his own fame.

Sofia Helin is a strong female lead.  She saves the lives of her comrades over and again.  What really impressed me about her was she was not only a heroic female -she wasn’t as thin as a toothpick -and still beautiful.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Maria Annette Tandero Berglyd is Pal’s daughter.  Great little actress.  I loved the fear in her eyes, when Ragnarok slithered past the locker, they were hiding in.

Julian Podolski is the son.  I know he is of Polish blood, having lived in Rome, New York for 2 years.  Everyone there was either Polish or Italian.  I learned how to spell some really difficult last names -I think it made me a better speller.

I really recommend this film.  It holds so many aspects that make a good thriller.  Plus, the landscape of Finland -is amazing.



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