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Foreign Drama -This Is My Love

File:My Love Eun-Dong-p1.jpg

This Is My Love (My Love Eun Dong) (Beloved Eun Dong)

Netflix 16 episodes 2015  Korean/Taiwanese drama

There are three main actors, and three main actresses in this drama that spans  20+ years.  I was moved by each of them.  So, let’s start with the youngest two.

Park Jin Young -often called Junior, is adorable.  Now, for me it was a little creepy with a sophomore in high school hanging out with a 13 year old girl, but their behavior was always appropriate -so I wouldn’t let this stop you from watching this drama.  He is a member of boy band -GOT7 (a great band).

Lee Ja In portrays the young girl.  Yes, she is young -but she really made you feel just how important this boy is to her.  Very much like a school girl crush -that just happens to pay off.

Baek Sung Hyun plays the 27 year old Park Hyun Soo.  He isn’t what I would consider a ‘hotty’, but he does a great job -and planted a decent kiss.

Yoon So Hee is the 23 year old Eun Dong.  She does a wonderful job convincing you she is shy, and scared of how she feels -and still be aggressive in her love for this boy.

Joo Jin Mo is a phenomenal actor.  I knew I’d seen him in something before, so I went digging into his past.  He was one of the main characters in Empress Ki.  He was just as likeable and awesome in this drama.  Although, once again -not a real ‘hotty.’

Kim Sa Rang was fabulous.  This woman helped me to feel every emotion she went through.  With the loss of her memory, her dedication to her husband, her love for Eun Ho, and her fear of her father.  Then she finds strength -but your rocking, do to her abandonment of her husband -in a wheelchair (although you feel he deserved it.)  This part of the drama was the best for the women.  I’ve only seen her in two dramas, but I don’t remember her.  A Time to Kill, with Bi Rain and Secret Garden with Hyun Bin.  They both must have been small parts -as she has very few roles,s0 far!

Kim Tae Hoon is the heartbroken, desperate, disabled husband, who is clearly obsessed with his wife.  He was my favorite male character.  I must say -he did an fabulous job drawing us into his determination, desperation, love, obsession, and gentleness for a boy he knew was not his son.  Except for Junior -he was the best looking male -in my eyes.  I’ve never seen him before -but he did such a convincing job, I look forward to seeing more of him.


Cinematography  7
Script  9
Music  7
Acting  9
Story  9
Total Score  8.2


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