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Sword Art Online ll (Death Gun)

Netflix 25 episodes 2015

Kirito and Asuna are back in this second season of Sword Art Online ll -and I am thrilled!

I have read that those who seriously follow Japanese animation, get crushes on the characters.  Now, for me -that is to far out there.  But, if it was possible, I would have a crush on Kirito/Kirigaya Kazuto.  He is the perfect male fighting/loving machine.  A hero in my eyes -and I am sure in the eyes of everyone who has watched this series.  The voice of Kirito is Japanese actor -Matsuoka, Yoshisugu

Asuna is probably every man’s anime dream.  She can fight with a ferocity, while keeping her head.  The Japanese actress that wins you over with her soothing voice is Tomatsu, Haruka

They added a few new characters this season, but the primary one is Konno Yuuki, voiced by Japanese actress Yuuki, Aoi.

Why do I love this anime so dearly?  I love to see a man at his best -and Kirito distinguishes himself in just this manner.  He can fight harder, faster, and more accurately then any anime man he’s come up against, while remaining devoted, loving and gentle to his girl and their computer daughter.  What more can you ask for?  Action, adventure, love, thrilling scenes and danger!  It is a Japanese version of the wild west, for Americans and the Samurai warrior for others.

Cinematography  9
Script  8
Music  9
Vocal Acting  10
Story  9
Total Score  9



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