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Getting Your Book in the Libraries

I just read a fascinating article about getting your books into the libraries.  Unfortunately, you have to get a number from the Library of Congress -prior to your book being published.  I wish I would have known this sooner.

Yes, my book is still sitting at the publishers -awaiting those final tidbits of information.  Just this morning I approved the front and back cover for print.  Next, there is preparing the promotion, while my book is at the press.  Soon -yet, not soon enough!

So, I should just be able to apply, since it is not physically printed.  Wrong -you have to have the number printed inside the book -for the whole thing to work. Great!

If I do an extra delay, and take the time to apply for this number -then had it printed in the book, it will seriously delay my publication date.  I’ve already paid to attend the Dayton Book Expo.  Have I made a mistake?  I am sure hoping I haven’t.  Life is a scary adventure.  The mistakes we make can well affect the truths of our existence.

Still, I am optimistic!  I have to be -what is done is done.  Move on, and learn!

If you are about to publish a book, and you want to assure it will be presented to every library in the United States -then you must apply for your Library of Congress number, prior to the publication.  It is a process, and if I understand correctly -your book needs to be accepted.  It isn’t automatic!

It helps to have reviews that are respected.  So, I am including URL’s that will be worth your effort in researching.

  1. Midwest Book Review
  2. WorldCat
  3. The Horn Book
  4. Library of Congress
  5. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews are expensive.  It is recommended that you only pay this fee if you are already getting good feedback from your book.  The rewards for utilizing this service are worth the money -but it is still pricey.

There is a librarian’s expo on May 11th, in Chicago.  I am still checking into whether an unestablished author can attend.  The URL is:


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