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Help me out -Please!

What words would you use to describe my blog name: Fiddle Dee Dee Books.

I’m taking a course on creating a strong brand.  So this is one of the many questions.



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I am a mother of 16 children and grandchildren. Some of them are by blood and the rest by heart. I was a foster mom for a few years and the children I cared for during that time have mostly stayed with me through the years. I love to write, read, dance, paint, and play with my animals. I enjoy dressage riding and just being in the barn. My words are my gift, as they allow you to know me as I really am. Thanks for joining me on this ride of life!


  1. I think Fiddle Dee Dee’s place. I use to think you only post about books lol until I started in at a deeper look. Are you going to review books? I see a post about giving to the library. That falls in line. So, what is your niche? Try and put that in your title. I love fiddledeedee keep books if you are going to do reviews and such on books. I talk about everything I use to have a terrible name. But, I wanted it to be a place. Like come on in and sit down and see what you see. So, I changed it. Define what you really want it to portray and use one word that describes it maybe. My thoughts anyway….

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    • Thanks Annette. Good advice! I am not planning on review books, but selling my novels -which is why I added “books”

      Still, I will give careful thought to your recommendations.

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  2. Given that your blog is a pot-pourri of different things, mentioning just books does not capture it’s essence. You could use words like place, house, abode, corner, neighbourhood etc.
    I hope this helps a bit. Good luck

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  3. How about Fiddle Dee Dee’s Nook ?
    Nook is a very different word used to describe corner, and so it could catch pretty eye-catching.
    Also because your blog deals with a kaleidoscope of domains, the name wouldn’t imply that you’re restricted to something.
    Also, nook would imply that you’d want the reader to stop by your blog and read something in a cosy corner.😁

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