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What Are Your Kids Using -Drugs

SYNTHETIC DRUGS -how do we recognize them?

Synthetic drugs are sold at “grey market’s” -gas stations, cigarette stores, smoke shops, any small shops that choses to cater to these drugs.  They are easy to access -and they are legal, over-the-counter.

Research Chemist -the “good” ones, the ones that give you the best “high,”  they have a fan base.  These kids follow their every move.  If they change jobs, their followers will watch drugs come from their research facility.  Clue:  If your student, young adult, is suddenly interested in a research chemist –bing, as Jeff Foxworthy would say, “Here is your sign.”

Types of Synthetic Drugs:

  1. K2/Spice
    • also known as Scooby Snax, Cloud 10, Mad Hatter, etc.  They come in small sq.  pkg’s and will remind you of pot pourri.  However, they will not smell good, and the color isn’t pretty.
  2. Bath Salts
    • also known as Ivory Soft, Rave On!, Energy Soak, Heavenly Soak, Cloud 9, White Girl, Tranquility, etc.  There names always have a soothing sound, and they come in small bags.  These bags will be your clue -as they won’t be big enough to make a bath soothing -maybe a sink.
  3. Club Drugs
    • GHB & Rohypnol are taken orally, and lack a smell, color & taste (usually ingested).  These drugs sedate you, leaving your powerless.  This is often referred to as “the date drug.”
  4. Ketamine
    • also known as Special K.  Usually snorted, or injected.  This drug is used by your local veterinarian.
  5. Flakka
    • also known as “Gravel.”  Gravel is frequently used in e-cigarettes.  It has the effects of bath salts and K2, mixed together.  It can also be used in a vaporizer.
  6. Alpha-PVP
    • Type of bath salt -a foul smelling pink or white crystal that can be snorted, injected, eaten, or vaporized in an e-cigarette, or other device.
  7. Smiles or N-Bomb
    • This is the synthetic version of LSD.  It is new on the market, only about 2 years old.  They call it the “legal acid.”  Don’t be fooled, this drug is way more powerful then LSD.  Depression & paranoia episodes will be severe.
  8. Superman Pills
    • Not yet popular in the US, but a real threat.  These small pills, are shaped and lettered like the Superman logo of our fighting hero.  Some kind of combination possibly , of Ecstasy and Molly -both illegal.  It is reported that this drug has already caused several deaths.
  9. Relax
    • this comes in a liquid form and can be used in eyedropper bottles, vaporizing machines/devices and hookah pens.
  10. Bath Salt Alternatives
    • these come in round containers that remind me of tape bubble gum, or chewing tobacco.  They are called glass cleaner, plant food, or ladybug attractant.  Some names are Bubbles glass cleaner, ladybug attractant exuberance powder.  They can come in powder form, or liquid.  To get more information go to

All synthetic drugs will be labeled, “Not for human consumption.”  This is how they keep their “legal” status.

Your children can search “on-line” to find their preferred drug.  Black Mamba Ultra provides reviews.  There are also blog sites.  Synthetic drugs is a social drug -and is believed to be safe.  It is not!

What is the pull, that keeps our kids coming back?

Drugs release dopamine -a natural chemical, in the brain, that makes us feel good.  The first time you take the drug -it is like finding Heaven, on earth.  The biggest, happiest, coolest moment of your life.  It just can’t get any better.

When you’ve been to Heaven -you can’t wait to go again.  Unfortunately, you only reach Heaven -once.

The need to go back, is so strong -you keep trying.  The drug builds up a tolerance (hence addiction), so the dopamine release is less each time.

Think of watching your child dying of cancer.  They are struggling to breathe, and the need to save them is so powerful -you will do anything.  In your mind -you believe with everything inside you, this drug will save your child’s life.  All you have to do -is take it!

If you don’t -your child dies!  That is the strength of this powerful pull!

I am not an expert on any of these drugs.  I am not a medical doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, or a chemist.  I am only sharing what I learned, and what I’ve watched.

It is time, I think…the world accepted their role in protecting our children.



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