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Foreign Drama -Jeju Island Gatsby

Agreeably Warm-p1.jpg

Jeju Island Gatsby (Warm and Cozy)

16 episodes Hulu 2015

Yoo Yeon Suk -It is my first time to watch him with a lead role.  He was in Gu Family Book, with Lee Seong Gi.  He did have a big enough role.  I even remember him -but I liked him so much better in this drama.  He just filled up the screen.

He is also in A Werewolf Boy -which I have slated to watch, but just have not convinced myself to do so.  Now that I know how much fun he is -I may get there.

Kang So Ra is a very popular young lady -and now I know why.  It is my third time to watch this actress.  The first time was Dr. Champ, when she was much younger.  The second time was one of my favorite dramas -Doctor Stranger.  She did not have the lead in either of these dramas.

Now, as lead female, Kang So Ra has earned my attention.

Lee Sung Jae is always great, but this drama adds a little something extra for this actor.  He begins, much the same as you usually see him -stiff, rich, professional.  Then he meets Kim Hae Sil -and he turns into an idiot.  Fun way to see this respected actor.  His scenes are sure to burn some edges of humor.

Kim Sung Oh regularly turns up in dramas with smaller roles.  In this show, he is a nerdy mayor determined to win -when there is no hope.  This guy should play an Asian Superman-he is the right look.

So Ji Sub did make a cameo appearance in episode one.  Seohyun also joined this cast for a small role.

I loved this drama -again, it is always the ones I am least interested in.  It holds all the charm of an island community, and romance that will leave you tantalizingly wanting more.

During the kiss, my dear husband looked over at me -to see my response.  This shows a wonderful scene -I think he was a little worried about where my mind was headed.

The first kiss is nothing more than lips touching -as is usual.  Somehow, these two characters made this first kiss -something special, tender, and intriguing.  Yes, intriguing.  You wonder whether this kiss will lead to something better -or be the best he’s got to give.  Oh, please -he gives you so much more.

It isn’t a kiss like Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Min Ho will thrill you with -it isn’t the passion that leaves you -well, use your imagination.

This kiss is tender, loving -a moment!

Okay -now that your hungering for your next great kiss -go find your partner, get it over with and then watch Warm and Cozy.

Cinematography  9
Script  9
Music 9
Acting  10
Story  10
Total Score  9.4




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