Day: March 14, 2016

10 Questions I Asked My Kids (5)

Originally posted on All In A Dad's Work:
1. What are you good at now? Crash: Baseball Bang: Digging with a real wrecking ball ? 2. What will you be good at when you grow up? Crash: Baseball Bang: Making messes 3. How old do you wish you could be? Crash: 18 or 19 Bang: sixty nine hundred 4. What 3 things would you take to a deserted island? Crash: Sword, Pick Axe, and a friend Bang: A stinky sock, a shoe, and a huge car that would explode 5. The world just turned into Legos. What do you build first? Crash: The¬†Millennium Falcon Bang: A big firehouse 6. Did you have a dream last night? Crash: I was playing wheel of fortune and I won a million dollars so I bought a fitbit and a gerbil Bang: I dreamed about reading the Lego book and I¬†was dreaming about a garbage can on a cat’s head 7. If you could, what 2 animals would you combine? Crash: Shark and a parrot Bang: Giraffe and…