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Foreign Drama -Madame Antoine

Madame Antoine-p1.jpg

Madame Antoine

2016 Drama Fever 16 episodes

Sung Joon has made my top A list Korean actors again.  He never ceases to keep me staring at the screen -preventing me from doing a list of chores that desperately need tending too.

Choi Soo Hyun becomes a psychotherapist after his mother leaves him at a park, as a child.  He is convinced that love isn’t real -and he’s staked his reputation on an experiment that will prove his theory.

Han Ye Seul plays a fortune teller linked to the spiritual life of Marie Antoinette.

Ko Hye Rim becomes the test subject in Soo Hyun’s experiment.  The twist happens when Soo Hyun tries to deny the dopamine being released into his brain.  Yes, he is falling in love.

Hye Rim discovers the truth behind his experiment and turns it against him.  After that -who is playing who for a fool?  You just have to watch to find out how it all fits together.

What I especially loved about this drama was the side stories.  Most of the time, I ignore any other portion of the story -giving it the smallest portion of my brains occupancy.  Not true with this drama.  Soo Hyun didn’t just take care of his own mental struggles, and Hye Rim’s -he tended to patients with all types of mental illnesses.  Fascinating!

Plus, we have a woman (my age) in love with a boy Choi Min Ho’s age.  Personally, I find this disgusting to even think about -but there is more to the story.  She isn’t trying to have a man/woman relationship with this boy, she wants to love him in her heart and just have a friendship.

The boy, played by Jinwoon (a member of boy band 2AM), befriends the psychotherapist and then learns the woman he considers an aunt, loves him.  Naturally, he freaks out and wants nothing to do with her.

Then he learns of her bucket list -she will die soon.  The bond they’ve developed tears at his heartstrings -so he sets out to make her bucket list come true -while trying to convince her to have potential life-saving surgery.  She is set against the surgery.  Jang Mi Hee does a wonderful job of loving this young man, without crossing the lines of decency.

The side-kicks are Lee Joo Hyung and Hywang Seung Eon.  These two kids are a mess, but they are entertaining.

I hope you don’t miss this drama.  We can all learn something about placing others first, and attempting to understand how our day to day lives affect others.

Cinematography  6
Script  9
Music  8
Acting  9
Story  10
Total Score  8.4





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