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Foreign Drama -Scent Of A Woman

Scent of a Woman-p4.jpg

Scent of a Woman

16 episodes 2011

If you love a drama that will pull your heartstrings -this is the one.  Dong Wook is perfect for this role.  Watch him as he moves from the cheated son to a man who will love completely, against the odds of his love living.

Kim Sun A is weak as she carries on through life, without living.  Watch how cancer makes her strong, and teaches her to live -fully.

So many people live as this couple did before they met -and cancer became a part of their lives.  Living without fully living.

Death, the threat of death, opens up life in ways we can never explain to those that have not faced deaths grip.

Take a glance into this world -with acting like this, you will see what truly, completely loving another will bring to both your life -and ultimately, your death.

Uhm Ki Joon – wow!  Great acting throughout the drama.  Your heart will feel his pain, and his love for a girl never to be his own -yet, he will be as much a part of her life, as the man she loves.  Great acting!

Seo Hye Rim -this is the girl you love to hate -and then hate to like (you can’t get much past like).  Life teaches us we can’t have love because of money, parents or birth right.  You can force marriage, but not love.  She learns this the hard way, having to face the demons of harming the life of a dying woman.  Will she be able to do it?  Watch and see.

The music in this drama was especially pleasant. Kim Junsu sings You Are So Beautiful.  This singer makes a cameo performance in drama.  I really liked this song. You can find two songs from this soundtrack on ITunes, under Scent of a Woman Korean.  You are so Beautiful can be found under Xia, which is Junsu’s stage name.

You may question why the story got such a low score in comparison.  Parts of the drama are just not believable -for instance, the girl with cancer rarely appears sick, even when she is in the hospital.  Also, this is a terminal disease -she wouldn’t look so healthy that no one would guess something was wrong with her.  Great drama -not realistic in parts.

Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music  8
Acting  8
Story  7
Total Score  7.8



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