Day: April 5, 2016

My Friend: Lord David Prosser

My Barsetshire Diary By: Lord David Prosser Publisher: Mediablvd Above you will see one of Lord David Prosser’s books on Amazon.  I urge you to take a look at these wonderfully hilarious tales.  I just read one that left me rolling in laughter as I learned of the lengths a man will go to -in order to keep the truth from his wife, abide by her wishes, and hide his secret with minty flavored toothpaste Lord David writes to entertain the heart, while keeping the mind waiting to discover the next page, the next story, the next tale. If you are unable to wait,  read more of his writing at his blog: More books by Lord Prosser The Queen’s Envoy More Barsetshire Diaries Memoir’s of a Superior The Animal Tale’s for Toddlers and Up  

Buy: The Living Miracle A Love Story You can buy the Kindle version right now for $9.99. Or you can buy it straight from me for a physical copy for $16.00.  Send me an address and name, and I’ll sign it for you before shipping it out. Please, leave a review. If you go onto LibraryThing I’ve manually added it. I’m working on Kobo, Booklikes, etc. Thanks for all your support. Watch for future interviews, guest appearances, etc.