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Foreign Drama -Moorim School

Moorim School-p2.jpg

Moorim School

16 episodes 2016

Exciting day -two of my favs are in this drama.  Lee Hyun Woo and Hongbin (VIXX)

Hyun Woo has been acting since he was just a kid.  He’s earned the title of a ‘hot pick’ in my eyes.  Everything character he portrays is believable and compelling.

Hongbin sings with one of my favorite Kpop bands -VIXX.  This is only his second production -but he was truly good.  His love for Soon Duk (Seo Yi Ji), is moving, adorable and cute (a bit on the childish side at first, but that is part of his cuteness).

Seo Yi Ji is a great little actress, who was mightier than most female characters I watch in Korean dramas.  I liked her spunk and power.

Jeong Eu Gene also did a fabulous job.

Each of the characters mentioned above gave themselves to their performance, taking an average plot and making it something special.  Was it my favorite drama -no, as I like a show that pulls me in much deeper then this drama did.  However, the acting was A+ in my opinion.  Without these actors -I wouldn’t have watched the drama.

The end -great.  They wrapped things up neatly without rushing or leaving you hanging.

I have to mention these other characters because they each added their own flavor -making this drama a success.

Shin Hyun Joon -He plays the Dean, and you are sure that is what he does for a living.

Alexander -an evil boy with an occasional heart.  He use to be a member of U-Kiss, and was born in Hong Kong.

Lee Moon Sik – He always portrays the silliest characters.  Even though this time he is a bit serious -you just can’t expect him to not make you laugh.

Hong Ji Min -she was funny throughout the drama adding an extra delight.

Daniel Lindemann -Daniel is from Germany.  It’s my first time to see him in a film and I liked him.  Not that he did anything special -I just liked what he did.  He lives in Korea and is on the show Non-Summit.

Cinematography  8
Script  6
Music  9
Acting  8
Story 6 
Total Score  7.4


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