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Foreign Drama -Come Back Mister

Come Back Mister-p1.jpg

Come Back Mister

16 episodes 2016 Drama Fever

Bi Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon (정지훈) is a beautiful man and an amazing actor.  The way he sucks you into his drama, and overwhelms your senses with his great body and good lucks is a joy.  I never get bored of seeing him on screen.

BiRain.jpgHow can a woman resist?

Now, lets pull our eyeballs back into our sockets and talk about this drama.  This is a great drama where to men die and decided to jump out of the train to Heaven.  God gives them a couple of months to fix their lives as other people.    One of the men Kim In Kwon, is a short man, nothing spectacular about him – workaholic, who comes back as a real tall, buff eye-catcher (Rain).  The other a mobster boxing champion turned chef (Kim Su Ro) turns into a woman (Oh Yeon Seo) who thinks she just as tuff as her former self, still in love with the same woman after death.  I found this drama funny, heartbreaking and full of excitement.

Kim In Kwon plays a loving man who basically works himself to death.  In truth, he worked hard for a family that did not find joy in his work ethic.  Instead, they felt neglected and unhappy.  He is a talented actor who keeps you laughing.

Lin Min Jung portrays the wife of Kim In Kwon.  She is a great actress who was in Boys Over Flowers -but I don’t remember her.

Kim Su Ro -what Korean film isn’t he in?  I swear this man is worked to the bone.  This is possibly the biggest role I’ve seen him play.   He’s made only 5 drama’s, but 40 movies so far.  The first time I saw him was in Master of Study with Lee Hyun Woo (0ne of my favs).  Everything he does is so believable you don’t think you’re watching scenes someone else wrote.

Oh Yeon Seo -Next to Rain, this girl was one of my favorite parts of this drama.  Funny, witty, cynical, ruthless, gentle, loving, moving and powerful in her performance.  I could have watched her and Rain together as the primary couple.  That would be a great idea for a new drama.  Their chemistry worked well together.  The only drama I’ve seen her in was Medical Top Team -but that drama didn’t bring out her real talent, as a mob boss or hood.

Lee Ha Nui is excellent.  She took a small role and still you imagine she was in nearly every scene.  That’s talent.  She was the 2006 Korean Beauty Queen.

Lee Tae Hwan -what a cutie!!!!  Not only super cute but even with his very small part -he stood out like a super star.  This boy will go far.  He got looks, height and real talent.

Kang Ki Young -I have to mention him because he always stands out.  No matter what drama I see him in -I can’t help put notice his perky personality.  He’s a great sidekick.

Some we don’t want to leave out because they were great

  • Choi Won Young -the nasty ogre of a boss
  • Park Chul Min -a pain of a supervisor
  • Lee Re -the child
  • Oh Dae Hwan -the villain
Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music  8
Acting 9
Story  10
Total Score  8.6





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