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Foreign Drama – Fated To Love You

Fated To Love You (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

Fated To Love You

20 episodes 2014 Hulu; Viki and Drama Fever

First off let me ask this question -How can Choi Jin Hyuk get overlooked for the lead?

Okay, with that I will say Jang Hyuk is a great actor and did a tremendous job.  That is probably why the guy has made so many dramas and films.  However, for me, this is my first time to notice him.  15 movies and 20 dramas.  This boy has been busy.  At 177 cm, Jang Hyuk comes across as a man much taller and he is very dynamic when he wants to be.  The rest of the time he was goofy.  Nobody has ever annoyed me this much while laughing that horrid laugh -and made me love watching them at the same time.  Honestly, if he hadn’t had me at “snail” I would have dumped this drama.

Apparently, Jang Hyuk was in Producers for a cameo -but he didn’t catch my eye -however, I do remember him.

Jang Na Ra is as cute as a bugs ear -seriously!  This is my first time to see her and I don’t know what she’s like off screen but on screen she is one very pretty girl.  I have to wonder who actually did the paintings by Ellie Kim.  They are adorable.  I think I will pick one and paint it for my house.  When I get it done -I’ll show it to you.

Wang Ji Won was just not as believable for me.  She did a nice job -but I would have liked to see more passion, more anger, more bitterness, more everything.  Her best moment was at the end when she took Jin Hyuk’s hand to go get ice cream.  At that moment, I bought into her.

I need Romance 3, Heirs, and Good Doctor are three movies she’s been in I recognize.  I’ve watched two of them.  You know, I remember her in Good Doctor -but she didn’t stand out in that film either.

We all know I love Jin Hyuk -the boy can do no wrong in my eyes.

Adorably mentioned:

  • Choi Dae Chul
  • Song Ok Suk
  • Park Hee Von
  • Choi Woo Sik
  • Jung Eun Pyo
  • Lim Hyung Joon
  • Na Young Hee

Three superior songs came out of this drama:

  1. Good-Bye My Love by Ailee
  2. Destiny Sonata by Chung Dong Ha
  3. Morning of Canon by Baek A Yeon
  4. I will also mention Ken (VIXX) My Girl (it is cute)

I gave this drama a 7 in Cinematography because between the scenes the screen was black.  I don’t like that -keep the film rolling smoothly.

So, this film shows how fate can bring people together and make babies.  Love can conquer, hearts can mend -sometimes giving us just enough push to make a change for the better.  I really loved how Jang Hyuk didn’t care about money in this drama and neither did his grandma.  Normally, money is the focus for all things in Korean Dramas -but here, it took a major back seat.  Way to go Korea!

Make sure you check out the Chinese version of this drama with Ethan Juan and Jo Chen; Baron Chen and Bianca Bai.

Cinematography  7
Script  9
Music  10
Acting  8
Story 9
Total Score  8.6



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