Day: May 4, 2016

Dayton Book Expo

I’m finally home again.  The book expo taught me so much, I am very grateful for the lessons. What did I learn at Dayton Book Expo: Make your table stand out Lots of people only brought their book and business cards.  People still stopped, but I didn’t see many sales. Practice your 30 second elevator pitch I went to the meeting the night before to learn everything I can.  I thought I had my elevator pitch ready and I barreled through it with pride.  Oops -I talked to fast, didn’t say the name of my book, what genre it was and I hadn’t even thought of the order I should say it.  Boy, was I grateful for the excellent advice I received. Have your support team wearing your image and the image of the book. This was an idea that I kind of got from one of the ladies that runs the Dayton Book Expo.  She had these wonderful t-shirts with embroidery faces of ladies inside a heart that said, “I love (myself).”  I thought …

Foreign Drama -Love Forcast

Love Forecast 118 minutes 2014 Yes, I love both Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won.  They are two of my favorite Korean performers -but I was not in love with this movie.  It was  cute, at best. For 18 years, Seung Gi’s character follows around the girl of his dreams.  He does everything for, including fixing her up with guys and cleaning her toilet.  She, lets him. Then one day, she tells him to get lost.  Without him she decides to return to her lover -a married man.  Joon Soo finally gets up the courage to tell her he loves her by riding up a carnival ride.  He is terrified of heights.  From high above he declares his love for her and she is instantly in love with him as well. These two didn’t even have a kiss -give me a break! I’d mention other performers but they weren’t strong fillers, let alone co-stars. Dee Cinematography  8 Script  6 Music 5 Acting  7 Story  6 Total Score  6.4