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Foreign Drama -Neighborhood Hero

Neighborhood Hero.jpg

Neighborhood Hero or Local Hero

2016 Drama Fever 16 episodes

The perfection of Park Shi Hoo is perfect!  Despite his years of being a fan favorite he still delivers an honest performance, humbly, and without the egotism of so many actors that reach the level of Shi Hoo.

Another amazing actor is Jo Sung Ha.  This is the third time I have seen him on the screen and each time he’s left a lasting impression.  However, he has been in 22 drama’s and 34 movies -that is amazing.

Lee Soo Hyuk hasn’t just shown up on the drama screen but he is still fairly new and making a great showing of himself.  I loved him in this drama.  Actually, he was as fun to watch as Shi Hoo -so I didn’t care which stole the drama at what point.  That is rare!

Kwon Yuri -Since she was once Choi Min Ho’s girlfriend (according to rumors) I hold a special place for Yuri (one of them being jealousy).  She did a great job as a writer, and friend in this drama.

Yoon Tae Young was brilliant as a brutal, heartless man.  Even in the end, as he does good to help others it is only for his desire to live.

Lee Cheol Min won me over, first as a bad guy, and then just a man trying to make a living.

Others worth mentioning:

Jeong Man Sik

Ahn Suk Hwan

Song Jae Ho

Vicious -this drama shows the cruel world we live in with vivid reality.  Who do we trust?  We need ‘heros.’  Yet, how do you ask others to help -when it could mean their life?  Questions -and few answers.  How many will give their lives to stop the wickness of greed?  Not many!

I want to trust our police, our government, those in power -but I am a foolish woman who still believes in the good of mankind.  Shocking how real to my heart this drama made me feel.

This was not typically the type of drama I like to watch, but it held my interest.

Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music 8
Acting  8
Story  8
Total Score  8



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