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Foreign Drama – Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun-p1.jpg

Descendants of the Sun

16 episodes Drama Fever (hulu) 2016

Ok, there is no way I can begin talking about this drama with out first mentioning my awesome Onew.  They gave him an easy role because the Onew on screen is pretty much just who he is naturally.  Onew is goofy, shy and pretty quiet.  He can get emotional as well.  Even though he was perfect for the character they gave him, and he did an awesome job -I hope the next drama he does they challenge him.  After seeing how he did in charades at the Chicago Fanmeet I know that there is much more to Onew’s talent then just being himself.  Of course, next time I hope there is a kiss.

Song Joong Ki (8 movies including Werewolf Boy & 9 drama’s.  This is his first drama since coming back from military duty) -great actor.  I was worried because there wasn’t a great kiss scene.  Maybe Joong Ki can’t do a kiss scene, and if he doesn’t will the story have as much impact on me emotionally?  In the last seconds, the kiss came alive and he did a great job.  What I discovered was his acting ability is so vulnerable, I fell in love with him over and over during this drama.  I’m sure you will too!

Song Hye Kyo (That Winter, The Wind Blows & Full House)is a great actress who keeps you frustrated in the beginning as she moves in and out of her feelings with rebellion against the Captain’s career.  Personally, I wanted to scream at her a couple of times with her indecision -but, you try not to get emotionally involved because it isn’t real.  Still, she is believable, and convincing.

Kim Ji Won (Heirs & To The Beautiful You) is another one I could have screamed at -but I respected her on many levels.  As the daughter of a military father, I respected her fight for her country and for her man.

Jin Goo (9 drama’s & 20 movies) showed us early on that he could kiss.  Yeah, I like this guy.  HIs straight faces just went right through you.  No matter what emotion he was feeling, he kept his dignity as a soldier -so when he did show emotion it was subtle and powerful.  I loved this actor!

Lee Seung Joon is one of my favorite actors.  In this one, he was entertaining as he chased after the woman of his dreams, but remained always in her background.

Choi Tae Kwon -he is cute!  Also, a believable actor.  Good job!

David McInnis is a man (in the drama) you want and wait to see die.  To think there are horrible people like this character in this world -scary.  David was able to make you believe he was as scary as the character he played.

Ahn Bo Hyun -I think this is the guy who was a North Korean special forces soldier.  The fight scenes, the heroism, the devotion to his country were all astounding.  What got me the most was an man becoming and trusting an enemy -that steps over the boundaries of country.  He was a great actor, despite having a small role -this guy stood out.  Great character, writing, and acting.

The boy who played ‘Blacky’ -you won me over the first moment you first stepped onto that screen.  I was convinced you were a boy that needed my love.  I wanted to scoop you up and feed you, hug you, protect you, and cry with you.  All the children did a beautiful performances.

Honestly, there was not a bad performance in this drama and I could talk about every actor, but the above were my favs.  If you love a military drama and a man in uniform -watch this drama.  Not only will you love my Shinee Onew -but Song Joong Ki will latterly break you down until you feel like running out and finding a man with honor, dignity and a uniform.

Cinematography  9
Script  9
Music  10
Acting  10
Story  9
Total Score  9.4

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