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Foreign Drama -My Amazing Boyfriend

My Amazing Boyfriend.jpg

My Amazing Boyfriend

28 episodes 2016 Drama Fever

When I first saw the male lead Kim Tae Hwan, I thought -he doesn’t look  Chinese.  His eyes are too dark and his hair is all wrong.  Since it is a Chinese drama I just assumed I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Then again, I was right -he is Korean, and this drama is his debut.  Before this, he was a model.

I also thought he must be around 6’7″ cause he towers over the lead female, Wu Qian.  But, upon further investigation he is 6’2″.

So, what did I think of him?  First of all, this drama is the Chinese adaptation or version, of Korea’s My Love From Another Star.  This fact is obvious from nearly the moment you turn this drama on.  The down side to this -Kim Soo Hyun is such a dedicated and perfect actor how could someone making their debut come even close?  He can’t.  That simple.

Second, he isn’t Kim Soo Hyun -so why try to remake perfection?!

Okay, here is the jest of it -I liked him.  Really!  In the beginning, his character is just to plain and dull, but once they started letting him be more of himself -he was adorable.  He has a wonderful smile, with dimples.  His eyes are very pretty, but sometimes when they made him walk -well, truthfully, he reminded me of Herman Monster from The Monsters.  If you don’t know who Herman Monster is -well, I guess you’ll just have to google it.  I don’t think this was Tae Hwan’s fault -this is how I believe they wanted him to walk.

As a first time actor, in  a major drama -he did a decent job.  At the very least, good enough to keep me coming back for more.  I’d say for 28 episodes, I watched this drama pretty fast.  It only took about a week.

Wu Qian is a Chinese actress, short and quirky.  Her character is almost annoying, in a charming way.  Again, I think this is what they wanted from her.  In my opinion, the Chinese prefer for their drama’s to have more humor and slapstick type comedy.  The Korean’s prefer drama on a major level.  Two styles and both entertaining.

Wu Qian is good at playing an actress that can’t act.  I almost fell for her poor delivery.  Then about midway through, she changes in a few scenes.  It is here that you are convinced the girl can truly act.  They are short and sweet -and then you are once again left with a character that is over the top ridiculous.

Shin Meng Chen -she plays the leading lady (in the drama), when in truth she is the second female lead.  Interesting, since the whole drama they call her the first lead, and Wu Qian the second lead.  She is a beautiful woman.

Fu Jia -I am not sure if this is the policeman or the scientist -but both of them did a great job and are really cute.

Li Xin Liang -I knew almost instantly he was the bad guy.  I really did -I have a knack for that kind of thing.  Oops, I shouldn’t have told you.

We just don’t have enough information or our Chinese and Japanese performers yet.  I hope one day that will change.  The only one that has any information on her is Wu Qian -and it is limited.

Most of the fighting, flying and other “monster” scenes were so poorly generated, they looked fake.

If you don’t mind being grossed out during kissing scenes and watching the girl swallow blood -you won’t mind the kissing scenes.  Yet, Tae Hwan did have me the moment they are in bed, and she believes he is drunk.  It is clear her intentions are to seduce him -and it works.  When he straddles her, and then kisses her -it was a good scene (even though it is probably less then a second).  He pumped up my interest real quick.  The rest of the kissing scenes didn’t move me, but helped to keep my interest.

Oh, if only Min Ho would learn to kiss -I’d probably choke with jealousy -but it would be great!

Cinematography  7
Script  7
Music  8
Acting 8
Story  9
Total Score  7.8


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