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Foreign Drama -Taming of the Heir

Taming of the Heir-p1.jpg

The Invincible Lee Pyung Kang or Taming of the Heir

16 episodes 2009 Drama Fever

Ji Hyun Woo just keeps stealing my heart -I can’t get enough of him.  In this drama, Hyun Woo shows you his silly, child-like side.  One moment you are swooning with his masculinity, and the next you are sure he is more a child then a man.  I will say, the sucking of his thumb was a bit over the top for me.  I simply could not fall in love with a man who sucks his thumb.  However, knowing this was only acting, I will continue to love Hyun Woo.

Nam Sang Mi is a beautiful actress who will make you love her, even when you are sure she doesn’t have a chance against the ultra thin model, played by Cha Ye Ryun.  For me -if I were male -I wouldn’t have a problem between the ladies, as I really find ultra thin women unattractive.

Seo Do Young is a beautiful man and a good actor.  In many ways he is more typically handsome then Hyun Woo -so what make Hyun Woo stand out for a lead?  It must be that wonderful smile that sinks into your heart.  Maybe it is the way he kisses.  Possibly it is the way his eyes warm you up.  Whatever singular or multiple reasons Hyun Woo keeps stealing the hearts of women -he does it well.

Choi Myoung Gil did a wonderful job of moving from a villainous thief for a wife to a woman in love with a man she wasn’t sure needed her.  She helped keep the story moving along with eyes that glowed each time Kil Young Woo made her feel special.  I sink into my man’s arms much the same.

Finally, I could not finish this review without talking about little Kim Ji Won.  This child is every bit as talented as America’s own Shirley Temple.  She brightened up every scene she was in, and stole the show even up against such a heavy hitter like Hyun Woo.  Together, they were magic!  I look forward to more of her work -as she really brings life to the drama.

So, this story is a typical Cinderella story. Rich boy, poor girl with a dysfunctional mother.  Rich boy is spoiled and irresponsible -until his father needs him and out pops a man full of ideas and success stories.

What made this plot even better was Sang Mi’s character.  She is the daughter of a golf course designer -and she knows the course better then anyone.  With her understanding, Hyun Woo was able to make their golf course one of the best.

The one place I felt the story lacked was the character played by Kim Heung Soo.  Yes, he played a crafty competitor, but he wasn’t believable.  This young man is in love with Cha Ye Ryun’s character, and jealous of the life played by Hyun Woo.  He wants everything his rival has always had.  But, his love, his lust, his cunning -none of them made you hate him.  You’ve got to hate the villain -or it doesn’t work.

Cinematography  7
Script  7
Music  8
Acting  8
Story  8
Total Score  7.6



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