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Foreign Drama – Love Truly

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I Really Really Like You or Love Truly

34 episodes 2006 Drama Fever

When I turned to this drama nothing about the first picture drew me to this drama, and I was only mildly interested in the story line.  I thought since it was an older drama, it would lack some of the great aspects of today’s dramas.

I was also concerned about the amount of episodes.  I tend to get tired of the longer dramas as they drag in the middle.

It didn’t take me long to discover the lead male is none other then Lee Min Ki.  I watched this actor in the movie Monster.  Such a powerful performance that left me a lifetime fan.  He played such a scary, evil role -yet I was drawn to him in such an odd way.

He drew me in here, in the same way.  He is a jerk in the beginning and he doesn’t change for a long time as he moves between the emotions of resentment, anger, disgust while also feeling a yearning to protect, jealousy he doesn’t understand, and acceptance of an uncontrollable love that he is sure will never be returned.

Bong Soon has fallen in love with another man, a married man.  This is risky for a Korean Drama -yet here it is.  There are twist that follow this romance between the Presidents son and Bong Soon.  They are heart wrenching, while at the same time, they are beautiful.

This journey of life, death, love, friendship, commitment and position will leave you hanging on, even when you want to get others things done in life.  I found myself pulled into every character in this drama (and that rarely happens).  Every love story, every struggle, every family members story -I wanted to know what happened, how it ended.

It is my belief that you will also be drawn in by the superior acting, script and directing of this drama.

Lee Min Ki is a dynamic actor that in drawn into his part with honesty to the character.  It is my first time to see him in a love story -and it will stay with me as I hunger for more.

Eugene -I don’t get this name at all, but it is the lead female who’s real name is Kim Woo Jin.  The old dialect she uses in this drama sounds like a guttural combination of German and Chinese.  It through me off, but it helped to bring Bong Soon to life.

Ryu Jin is the other man in Bong Soon’s life.  This actor was so honest with his tears and love for two women that even though it was all wrong, it was pure and beautiful.  Now, I wouldn’t normally say such a thing -so you have to watch it.  I’m not giving you a reason why -as I want you to watch this drama too.

Ryu Jin’s story daughter is played by Jung Da Bin -what a beautiful child.  Her acting was good but the most remarkable thing about her was her beauty.

This is a drama you should not pass up.  All 34 episodes will leave you wanting more -and it will be hard to walk away from.  The acting is top notch for over 90% of the characters and the story is heartbreakingly warm and beautiful.  I will watch it again -one day.  Until then, this is one of those stories I am sad to be done with.

There isn’t a single character in this drama I couldn’t give a thumbs up to, but here are a few of my ultra favs.

  • Geum Bo Ra
  • Jang Yong
  • Kim Hye Ok
  • Ahn Hye Kyung
  • Kim Chang Won (a real fav in my book)
  • Youn Yuh Jung
  • Ryu Tae Joon
  • Kim Guk Jin
  • Kwon Ki Sun
  • Lee Young Ja
Cinematography  8
Script  10
Music  8
Acting  10
Story  10
Total Score  9.2






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