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Foreign Drama -High-end Crush

High-end Crush

20 episodes 2016

Chinese/Korean collaboration

Let me start by saying, “I hate short’s.”

Now that I’ve had my piece concerning this manor, you may ask “why” I watched it?  Jung Il Woo.  Yes, that is the only reason.  It’s been awhile since he’s had a lead film, and I really like this guy.  There is something pure about his acting, that draws my attention.

Okay, I admit that part of his charm is his kissing ability.  There are two kissing scenes in this drama -and both of them are fabulous.  It should be embarrassing that a good kiss scene can almost always make or break a drama for me -but I’m not!

The first scene, Il Woo leans in and steals the kiss.  It isn’t a quick kiss, but simplicity beautiful and tender.

The second scene doesn’t come until the last episode -but it is worth waiting for.  Like, Lee Min Ho -Il Woo can deliver a seductive kiss that leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, gripping the sides.  It’s good!

Do you think that is because the two boys are friends?  Maybe!

Jin Se Yun is a fav of mine.  She was the lead in Doctor Stranger with Lee Jung Suk, and I’m currently watching her in Bridal Mask, with Joo Won.  The last, is going a bit slow as it just isn’t my kind of drama -but it has Joo Won.  (I know.  I am a lost lady, pulled into the throes of a beautiful man).

Well, maybe I’m not suffering.

Anyway, Se Yun is a beautiful actress, that draws you into her character.  What I find especially wonderful about this actress is, she changes.  Every time I see her, it is my first.  When I read she was in Bridal Mask, my mind thought, “She is?”

I was also surprised, she was the lead in Doctor Stranger.  Now, if you read my blog, you know how much I loved Doctor Stranger.  It was one of my top picks.  That’s talent.

Section Chief Heo -Drama Wiki has something wrong with this name.  They have a woman listed, and this was most assuredly a guy.  No matter how hard I look, I can’t find his name.  Disappointing, as I have seen him over and again in many dramas -and I love him every time.

I can’t find the names of the male singers, but they did a good job.  I wonder whether they will debut after this drama?

Now, about the drama.  Arrogance frequently keeps men from falling in love.  If it comes, it tends to hit them like a tsunami.

Take a girl who has lived conservatively her whole life, and thrust before her -an idiot.  Yes, I say idiot because this man has lost all sence of confidence in front of this girl.  He spends nearly every waking moment struggling to win her over, while driving her away.

It is a comedy, and it works.  Il Woo brings this man full circle as he struggles how to love this girl freely, without fear and with confidence.

Se Yun shows us how slowly to fall in love with a man you don’t trust to be sincere.

There are several scenes that were especially sweet and worth mentioning.  Typically, when to actors fall together it is cute, but it doesn’t really give me the chills.  The kiss is fake and planned -however, it is a popular tactic.  There is no kiss in this fall scene, but the desire Il Woo measures his acting with, leaves you breathless.

A scene when they sit on the bench together, after finding one another on the street -warm.

When Il Woo tries to show her how capable he is working in the garden, etc.  This is something I want in a man and for him physically to show her his love in such a way -this is one of the special expressions in this drama.  Throughout the show, he attempts to show her how in loving him, he will always do his best for her.  I found this to be different, and special.

The only reason this drama scored this low was because I still hate shorts.  They have to chop the story so badly, in order to bring it to full culmination.  I just don’t like them!


Cinematography  8
Script  5
Music  8
Acting  9
Story 9
Total Score  7.8




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  1. Haha I remembered watching this! Actually I prefer the shorts! It gets to the good parts faster 🙂 haha blame it on being an x gen – instant gratification 🙂
    Yes, the actress is beautiful, she also plays in “five fingers” a longg k-drama!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t watched five fingers yet. Not only do I hate shorts but the longgggs are just too much. I usually end up skipping through episodes or altogether.


  2. Hahaha… Oh my, I find the shorts disturbing, too. LOL. And the trench coats with shorts – they look awkward. LOL again.

    Anyway, I am just so happy to find another person who loves Se Yeon like I do. Cheers, dear!!! :))

    Liked by 1 person

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