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Foreign Drama -Daebak

Jackpot (Korean Drama)-p4.jpg

Daebak or The Royal Gambler (actual title: Jackpot)

24 episodes 2016

The Asian Prince has done it again.  Jang Keun Suk is a natural.

Yeo Jin Goo is nearly as good as my Keun Suk.  I loved the moments they share as friends, the moments as brothers and then the end with the two of them together gave you hope.  Beautiful idea!  Some dramas you may recognize him from are: Moon Embracing the Sun; Potato Star; I Miss You; and Orange Marmalade.

Jeon Kwang Leol is awesome.  I rarely like the evil doer -but this mans acting ability was tremendous.  He sucked you in to his thoughts, his actions and even though you hate him, you still love the scenes he’s in.  This just doesn’t happen for me often.  I give this man 5 stars for is acting in this role.  He deserves an award.  Despite being in 24 dramas thus far, this is my first time to see him on screen.  I have slated to watch Remember, and I once started I Miss You, but the last one I didn’t care for, so I stopped it.  If your interested in this actor, he has already another drama that came out in April of 2016.  Enjoy, The Flower in Prison.

Choi Min Soo had a small role -but it was powerfully portrayed.  We all wonder what it would be like to be king -I believe this was a realistic portrayal.  Much the way our Korean actors and actresses live their lives -isolated from the world because everyone wants a piece of them.  What a lonely world they live within.  I believe this is why so many performers date other performers -only they share in the world they live confined within.

Lim Hyeon Shik plays a wonderful, supportive, loving grandfather.  Actually, I am not sure he is the characters grandfather, or it just became that way -but still, he was the grandfather we would all like to have.

Lee Moon Sik -another small character portrayal but he stayed with me.  His scenes made us weep for a pathetic gambler who became a mighty man.  I like this actor -and I enjoyed his acting in this drama.

Hyun Woo -how could you not feel sorry for a guy destined to be a king who loses his mother early in the drama (kicked out of the palace) and is dying the entire time he is on screen.  He feels rejected by his father, who favors two brothers born to a servant.  This is a busy boy.  He has thirteen dramas under his belt and three movies.  Surprising, since he  began in 2009.

Kim Sung Oh is back after finishing Jeju Island Gatsby in 2015.  But, if you want more –Missing You (the movie), and Becky’s Back are both 2016 productions.  He is a deadly killer, in love.  Great performance despite a very small role.

There are so many great performances in this drama so I will just mention a few more of my favs.

  1. Kim Ga Eun
  2. Yoon Gi Hye
  3. Ahn Kil Kang
  4. Han Jung Soo

I love these dramas from the Joseon period.  Yes, there is an awful amount of vicious, cruel backstabbing, killing and brutal treatment -but there is also great beauty in these dramas.  I wondered how Geun Suk would look in Joseon style clothing but true to his form -he rocked it.

Geun Suk’s character was always on top of how others thought and he was able to convince the king, his brother, his half-brother and the people to follow him, trust him and believe in his plans.  All of this from the son of a gambler, who is marked to be a king.


Cinematography  10
Script  10
Music  9
Acting  10
Story 10
Total Score 9.8 



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