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irumeur -Blossom Where You Live

“Blossom Where You Live”

At church, this past Sunday, our pastor mentioned Saint Francis de Sales quote, “bloom where you are planted.”

   The Bishop of Geneva was telling us to rely up Christ for our guidance in life and find peace and happiness in his grace.

I just read a blog:, that questions this very idea.

             How can we thrive when we may need more sun, more rain, more shade -the country, city or space?

For the last several days, while contemplating this statement, I was not satisfied with blooming where I’m planted.  I do, however, place my faith and trust in Christ for his guidance, and greater knowledge concerning the best for me and my family.  That does not mean I will bloom where I live if I am planted poorly.

God, does not always plant us where we will thrive at our very best.  There are challenges we must pass through to become the followers ‘he’ desires us to be.  There will be poor soil, lack of sun, we will become thirsty for a drink, and we will suffer.  Knowing these truths allows me to face the soil God plants me upon, and adjust where I send my roots.

There are people I will meet as I dangle in the tortuous sun, that will change my life, and hopefully, I will change theirs -all for the better.  Some, will unfortunately, cause me to collapse in the heat.  I know, I have sadly made others collapse.

                            It is for this reason, I chose to recreate this timeless quote -and give it renewed life, so we can all change the direction our roots grow.

Blossom where you live” allows us to recognize that Gods plan does not always fit our plan.  But, it does give us hope that we can find joy as we reach for the sun, and send our roots deeper for the water.

On the rare moments, I have been offered the opportunity to give to another and have taken that opportunity -it has given me joy I am unable to describe.  During these occasions I have not always been where I wanted to be.  I have not found joy in daily life, as my roots were shallow.  Yet, I understood God’s plan to plant me there, as this moment was where I was needed.

                         Placing our faith in Christ means we should look for moments of joy even in with the tiniest drop of water, a cast of shade, or a glimpse of the sun.

Take a second to think about the children and families of war torn countries.  Japan invaded both China and Japan.  Germany invaded France.  Russian invaded Poland.  Iraq invaded Kuwait.

What about the devastating earthquakes of Japan, Chile, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, Alaska, and even here in California.

Again, let us consider the bombing of Hiroshima and the radioactive plant that leaked from a holding plant in Japan.

During each of these cases, children were still born (joy), couples made love (joy), children continued to play (joy), food was eaten (joy -think about how much joy every bite would bring to someone starving).

The biggest share in joy was shared as one person helped another.

                  -That, my friend, is why God plants us where we may not thrive in the soil, unless we change the direction of our roots.

No matter where you are planted this moment, for however long you must remain in a soil that you will not thrive within,  I think…find these moments of joy and blossom where you live.


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I am a mother of 16 children and grandchildren. Some of them are by blood and the rest by heart. I was a foster mom for a few years and the children I cared for during that time have mostly stayed with me through the years. I love to write, read, dance, paint, and play with my animals. I enjoy dressage riding and just being in the barn. My words are my gift, as they allow you to know me as I really am. Thanks for joining me on this ride of life!


  1. Ohhh! This is beautiful!! Timely post I needed to hear it 🙂 it’s true- where we are planted right now, whatever the season to try and find where / what it is that brings us joy and meaning. 🙂

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