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Foreign Drama -Romantic Island


Romantic Island

100 minutes 2008

I don’t often watch Korean movies.  For me, they just don’t carry the depth of the dramas.  However, this one was available and it does have Lee Min Ki, so I watched it -and enjoyed it.

Was it the best thing I’ve watched this year?  No!  But, it is kinda sweet, and kinda cute -so check it out and let me know what you think.

Lee Min Ki is cute in this movie, but he doesn’t stand out and grab you like he does when he plays a role that is much deeper in character.  The deeper -the better he gets.

Lee Sun Kyun hasn’t made a drama since 2014 -only movies.  I believe he is a lonely guy who hasn’t lived outside of work -and there he is set on all moves in the company -only by his design, which keeps him teetering on the edge of being fired.  Slowly, he falls for a woman that lives every moment with ambition for happiness, despite a home life that is unhappy -and a work environment that is unbearable.  .

Lee Soo Kyung (Color of a Woman, I Summon You Gold, Let’s Eat) is this happy woman who wins the heart of a lonely man.  She is cute in this drama but she doesn’t shine.  This is the first time I’ve seen her -as more recently (the last three years) she has focused on movies.  I have only seen her in Color of a Woman.  It was okay -not great.  You can read my blog entry about it under Foreign Dramas.

Eugene -didn’t I just watch her in a drama?  I can’t see the name of a drama I recognize on Asian Wiki.  She is the former member of girl band S.E.S. and recently gave birth to a little girl after getting married in 2011, to Ki Tae Young.  Ah, Love Truly is what I just watched.  She does have a 2015-16 drama, called All About My Mom.  Looks like a good cast.

Lee Moon Sik is also in this movie.  He is dying of cancer and decides to end things on his own terms.  I love this actor -so it certainly helped the movie to have him cast.  However, his role lacks depth until near the end.

Cinematography  7
Script 7
Music  6
Acting  7
Story  7
Total Score  6.8


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  1. You certainly appear to know your movies. Interesting post and I don’t even go to movies, or at least, I seldom go to movies. You cover the bases well.


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