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Foreign Drama -Incomplete Life


Incomplete Life or Misaeng

20 episodes 2014

How in the world did I fall for a drama that isn’t filled with love?  Or, is it?

Incomplete Life is a drama about the working world inside a large corporation -in Korea.  It wasn’t created to say, “this is the absolute of Korean working culture.”  It is a viewing on how it is, and how it was -to show us what needs to be changed.  Also, to show us the meaning behind ‘enduring’ ‘teamwork’ the bond of employee relationships and the corruption of the undisciplined and greedy.

The good within this drama is the love a fellow worker can have for another -without a love relationship type involvement.  The bad within this drama shows us how we can allow our self-centeredness harm another out of greed and a belief of ‘superiority’ over another.

According to, Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.  If this is a true depiction of Korea today -no wonder.

I was hooked pretty much from the first episode.  No, it isn’t what I would typically watch, but that boy -he wrapped me up and held onto me all the way through.  I never once thought about abandoning this drama, although I did wonder why I wasn’t.  Im Si Wan, a vocalist from the boy band ZE:A, is a force to be reckoned with.  He is a powerful actor, that pulls you into his role and holds you there.  Incredible!

Apparently, he was in Moon Embracing the Sun, playing a teenage role.  I didn’t watch that part of the drama, as I was fixated on the part that Kim Soo Hyun portrayed.  He has two movies for 2016.

  1. One Line
  2. A Melody to Remember (available in theaters – Atlanta, Dallas, San Fransciso, New Jersey, LA, DC and Seattle)

Neither of these two movies are available on Drama Fever.  Let’s hope they make it to our screens for viewing.

Lee Sung Min portrays an important role as the leader of his own team.  A man with dignity, pride and believing that all people are important so the business world should be honest in its dealings.  Respectable character to play.  It bothers me how they show him drinking nearly every night, coming home far past the time his family is in bed.  When a job is so consuming that we forget to have a life outside of work -that is the time to redirect your life, in my opinion.  He won the Best New Actor Award for this drama at the APAN Star Awards.

Byun Yo Han is a wonderful actor.  As the exceptional mind he is the comic relief for this drama.  His comedy is serious in nature and intrusive, but completely entertaining.  This excellent actor also has two new movies this year, as well as a 2015-2016 drama.

  1. Will You Be There
  2. Phantom Detective
  3. Drama – Six Flying Dragons  (He won two awards for this drama at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards.)

Kang Ha Neul -now here is a cutie.  Tall, good looking and a decent actor.  This heart throb is a busy man.  Three movies this year and two dramas.

  1. Retrial
  2. Like for Likes
  3. Dongju: Portrait of a Poet


  1. Entourage
  2. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

He was also in Monstar; The Heirs;  Punch; To The Beautiful You

Kim Dae Myung was true to his character.  He was not the star of the show, but he filled in his parts very well.  I like this actor.  This is only his second drama.  His new one, “The Sound of Heart, just began reading in March of this year.  However, he has three movies in 2016.

  1. Sea Ice
  2. Pandora
  3. Canola

Other actors to mention.

  • Kang So Ra
  • Shin Eun Jung
  • Lee Kyoung Young
  • Oh Min Suk -another cutie with two dramas this year, and one movie

This is a fabulous drama, you will be sucked into.  I loved it!

Cinematography  8
Script  9
Music  6
Acting 9
Story  9
Total Score  8.2




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