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Foreign Drama -Another Oh Hae Young

Another Miss Oh-p1.jpg

Another Oh Hae Young or Another Miss Oh

18 episodes 2016

Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk) is a vocalist for boy band Shinhwa.  I’m not a fan of this group, although they do have some decent dance moves.  I remember being so disappointed last year when I found out they would be performing in NY, during Kpop.  I didn’t end up going, so it made little difference in the end.

Eric seems to be most recognized for his work in the drama, Discovery of Love, in 2014.  He won 3 awards for this drama at the KBS Drama Awards. This drama can be found at  It use to be on Hulu, but I’m not sure if it is still there. I wonder if Hulu has  deleted many of their dramas, as I can’t seem to find as many as I once did.  Maybe, it is just me.  However, I watch Drama Fever more than anything else.  I think I will have to get a viki subscription.

Yep, I went and checked.  You can no longer find this on hulu.  Sad!  Anyway, I started this drama in 2014, but I didn’t get into it.  This happens occasionally.  Then sometimes I try them for a second time, and love them.  For instance, Trot Lovers is one of those times.  I have a friend who still won’t go back and watch this one.  I tell her what she is missing, but she doesn’t believe me.

So, Eric led this drama for me.  He was smooth, quiet, yet he stole the show.  I am madly in love with the guy (as a performer).  Okay, that isn’t saying much since I become madly in love with so many  of them.  Still, Eric portrays the type of man many women long for -a love that is so tender and thoughtful.  Still, he is incredibly sexy!

The other man that stole this movie is a much smaller character -but powerful performance of an idiot.  You have to love Kim Ji Suk!  He is something in this drama.  You just have to watch it to fully enjoy his performance.  Some of the dramas I’ve seen him in are I Need Romance 2 & 3, and Cheongdamdong Alice.

Of course, this drama could not be a success with out my lead female – Ye Ji Won.  This woman can perform as a tree if you asked her to, and it would be awesome.  This lady has 17 movies and 12 dramas, plus a couple of others films.  I watched her in Tomorrow’s Cantabile and The Producers.

Okay, we have to talk about Oh Hae Young #1 or lead.  Seo Hyun Jin (Let’s Eat 2, Horse Doctor and Three Musketeers) drove me batty!  Her character was whiner, annoying, and pathetic.  She isn’t an ugly woman, but she seemed ugly to me -because she was so pathetic.  Yes, I still rooted for her to win the heart of the man she loved, but honestly, if one of the other men had come on to her -I’m just not sure she wouldn’t have fallen in love with the next guy as well.  I just can’t stand weak women.

Look at some of the things she said.  She constantly talked about her past loves.  Come on -wouldn’t any guy get sick of this?  She fell in love with every one of them.  Plus, what about the guy she was engaged to?  How did she get her heart broken and then instantly fall in love with the next guy?  Pathetic.  Now, I understand the idea behind her character was the idea this guy was the right guy -but please, don’t have her be such a dimwit.  No, I did not like her -and she was the worst part of the drama.  Yet, I rooted for her.  Why?  Because he loved her.  He liked how open and forward she was.  He liked her whining nature.  He loved her.  She was perfect for him.  Okay, I will give this to her -she was perfect for the role.

I’m telling you, Eric is the bomb in this drama.  Without him and Ye Ji Won -I would have shut it off.  But, because they both completely won me over -I stayed with it.  Also, I loved it.  Couldn’t get enough of these two.

Others worth mentioning:

  1. Heo Jeong Min
  2. Lee Jae Joon
  3. Kim Mi Kyung
  4. Lee Han Wi
  5. Heo Young Ji


Cinematography  9
Script  7
Music  9
Acting  9
Story  7
Total Score 8.2 








  1. Nini says

    The drama won’t be that succesful if the other oh hae young didn’t played that pitiful and completely fall in love with Do Kyung character , and she also closed her heart that was broken by her former fince with a harsh words. I love her so much lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, you are most probably right. I loved the drama, but as a person I didn’t like her character -she was to weak. Also, I just don’t believe we can be that deeply in love and then turn around and fall deeply in love again. However, I still loved the drama. Thank you so much for commenting. Do Kyung made the drama for me… He was absolutely, completely adorable. Yet, the actress pulled this character off as if it was who she really is. I give her high ranking for that. Again, thank you.


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