Month: July 2016

Foreign Music -Choi Min Ho

  My boy is singing a new  solo.  Where can I possibly get this song?  I know I brag about him all the time, but please -not only can he play soccer, basketball, run, jump, swim, do obstacle courses, sing, dance and rap he has now proven that he has an amazing arm for baseball. Is there anything Choi Min Ho can’t do?  If there is -I don’t want to know it. Way to go Min Ho -You are truly amazing!  Saranghaeyo  

Book -Crossing Boarders

Crossing Boarders by Debra Sue Brice I met Debra Brice at the Akron Readers & Writers Book Expo, this last Saturday.  There was probably 40 authors there, with lots of amazing titles.  Debra and I were prepared to speak during the Christian Fiction panel.  Since the whole expo was pretty much a bust, Debra and I got to know each other. We exchanged novels, and I took Crossing Boarders back to my sisters house and began reading it.  I finished the novel that night and loved it. If you love horses, and dressage this book will bring back so many thrilling moments you’ve spent in the saddle.  Several times I burst out laughing with the witty one-liners Debra added to this novella. Not only did book bring back memories, it also had a sweet little romance where the up-and-coming champion female trainee and the barn manager discover unexpected feelings for one another. This book is great for young teenagers, but if you are an old woman (like me) who loves to read about horses -you’ll enjoy …

Foreign Drama -New Dramas on

New Dramas Out Now! Lee Jong Suk and Han Kyo Joo are starring in the new drama – W.  It is a Taiwanese drama and only available (I am unsure if this will change) on  I can’t wait to dive into Jong Suk’s new drama. Another drama on Viki is Ji Chang Wook’s new drama, co-starring An Yui Zi,  Whirlwind Girl 2. Ice Fantasy starring Feng Shao Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tian Yu, Zhang Meng.  This Chinese drama, available on Viki, looks like an epic new romantic sci-fi. I don’t have a subscription to, so I will have to suffer through the commercials (and lock-ups), but these dramas look like they are worth the suffering.

Foreign Drama -Master’s Sun

Master’s Sun 17 episodes 2013 Why did it take me so long to watch this drama when it received such high recommendations?  I’m just not into paranormal. This is a drama by the famous Hong Sisters (Hong Jun Eun & Hong Mi Ran).  They are screenwriters who wrote some of my favorite dramas. Warm and Cozy/ Jeju Island My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox The Greatest Love and one nearly all Kdrama fans will recognize: You’re Beautiful The most recent drama for Jo Si Sub, the hero in this drama, was Oh My Venus.  For me, the character he played was dull in comparison to the lead female, Kong Hyo Jin -who is fabulous in everything she does. I’m not saying I didn’t like the lead male, just that he was dull.  The kisses lack luster, and how could your really get into a guy who constantly said, “Get lost.”?  Yet, there were very sweet moments.  Those precious moments where he would touch her and worry over her were especially endearing.  Still, the moment he …

Foreign Drama -Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn’s Concerto 34 episodes 2009 Taiwanese This is a masterpiece.  After rejecting it many times over, I finally watched a couple of years ago and it is still one of my all time favorites. Vanness Wu (Wu Jian Hao) is sexy, virile, and a superb actor.  I love him so much, I have all of his music, especially loving songs like I’m A Different Man Ming Ding Marry Me Eternity Is This All Ai Mei Zou Plus many more. Vanness portrays a young man tormented by his father’s suicide. Sadly, this is the only drama I’ve seen Vanness in but he has made 16 movies and 12 dramas.  I found this one on Netflix, but it is available on Drama Fever. Born in 1978, in Santa Monica, California, Vanness moved to China as a young adult and married his high school sweetheart.  This is to the best of my understanding.  I also understand that Vanness is a Christian.  Yeah! He was originally with the boy band, F4 -but is now a soloist. Andy An (a truly beautiful woman) …