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Foreign Drama -Liar Game

Liar Game (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

Liar Game

2007-Japan; 2014 -Korea

12 episodes

This drama originated as a Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Shinobu Kaitani, in 2005.  Japan introduced it as a drama in 2007, starring Erika Toda,  and Shota Matsuda.  They also produced Liar Game 2, in 2009,  Liar Game: The Final Stage as a movie, in 2010; Liar Game Reborn as a movie, in 2012.

Then, Korea came out with their own take on this drama, adding a new character as a significant part in the lives of the winning duo, in 2014.  This is the drama I watched.

Lee Sang Yoon won a Best Couple Award for the drama Seo Young, My Daughter, in 2012.    He has been in 16 dramas and 3 movies, including his latest 2016 production, Insane.  This is my first time to see this actor in action.  I enjoyed his performance.

At a whopping 185 centimeters in height, he was still shorter than the 188 centimeter of an actor we all loved to hate in the drama, My Love From Another Star.  In 2014, he made Trot Lovers -and I grew to love him.  Now, I am seeing him as the bad guy a second time around.  Between the two, Shin Sung Rok, rocks a bad guy.  Yes, that pun was intended.

Sung Rok is an actor to fear.  Not only because he can play one of the scariest dudes on TV I every watched, but because he is good-looking and really tall.  I wonder if we will get to watch his latest movie, An Age of Shadows.  This movie was released in 2016.  So far, this movie is not available in the states.

Kim So Eun -is there anyone who doesn’t love this actress?  She is always so pure and true on the screen.  In 2012, at the MBC Drama Awards, she won the Best New Actress for her role in Horse Doctor.

So Eun does not have anything for 2016, as of yet.  However, you should check out her 2015 drama, Scholar Who Walks the Night.  If you like Vampire dramas -this will be a good one.

So many talented actors and actresses in this drama.  I could name many of them, but I will pick on my favs.

  1. Lee Cheol Min
  2. Lee El
  3. Lee Si Hoo
  4. Jo Jae Yun

I love the romance and love of dramas but I knew the instant I read about this drama, it would be one I would love.  It is closer to the kind of movie I would watch with my husband.  Action movies, thrillers, and intrigue are big hits around our house.  I’m sure Liar Game would be a hit movie in the States.


Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music  7
Acting 10
Story 8
Total Score  8.2






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