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Foreign Drama -Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal-p1.jpg

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

20 episodes 2010

Another great drama from Mickey Yoochun.  (The Girl Who Sees Smells, Rooftop Prince, I Miss You, Miss Ripley) A man falls in love with a man -not because he likes men, but because a man can sense a woman, even when she appears to be a man.  Scent -it must be something a man can smell.

Even so, you can still appreciate the struggle this man has as he refuses to give into a temptation that eats at his heart.  Even when he confesses his love, he withdraws from his desire.  At least, until that moment he is about to discover her secret.  Yeah, I know, it’s in the writing.  Well, this is what makes the story good.  If he would have given in before discovering her secret -well that drama would be for those that have other taste.

Park Yoochun has been a part of 12 award programs between 2011, for Outstanding Korean Actor, for this drama -to 2015 for his performance in The Girl Who Sees Smells.  Six of his awards were for one of my favorite dramas ever -Rooftop Prince.

When you put Yoochun in traditional Korean  hanbuk (Joseon Korean Dress) he just fits in it so nicely.  Some men just don’t look as good in this head gear as he does.  His face is clean and handsome.

Yesterday, I read there is a real scandal concerning Yoochun.  His DNA confirms he had sex with a girl accusing him of rape.  He has not been found guilty -and I hope he is innocent.  He is a great actor, and I just hate it when someone of influence uses their will and power over others.  I would miss him -but if he is guilty, he must pay.  If he is innocent, then we must overlook him having sex with someone in such a manner.  How many in todays society have not done the same?

Park Min Young (Healer, City Hunter, Dr. Jin)portrays a woman after my own heart.  If I lived at the time of the suffragettes, or in Asia when a women couldn’t be viewed as anything other than the vessel to produce a son -I would have dressed as a man in rebellion.  At the very least, I would have fought for woman’s rights.  I am not one to sit back and be told what to do by a man, just because he is a man.  I admire the strength, the intellect, the leadership of this woman, as I do all women who lead us down the road of quiet confidence that leaves a tear that will not heal, in the hearts of those around them.

There is a new drama, Remember, that came out 2015-16, you can catch this wonderful actress in.

Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun) is entertaining as he parades his attire, and pries into the lives of his fellow scholars.  Despite his attitude of indifference, he has a passion to love completely -those that earn his respect, whether they be male or female.

Yoo Ah In (Descendants of the Sun, Six Flying Dragons, Secret Love Affair) as Moon Jae Sin is the man of the hour.  He is strong, intelligent, and rebellious -but he loves deeply.  He also has some really great moves.

Seo Hyo Lim is not one of my favorite actresses.  You may be watching her in Beautiful Gong Shim, as I am.  However, she is so pure in her portrayal of a wealthy girl who has given her heart to a man -that you can’t help but see this actress in a different light.

This girl is tall -at 170 cm’s she makes the men look terribly short.  With two great dramas to her credit, we must not forget to give her notice for Endless Love, Master’s Sun, That Winter, The Wind Blows and Scent of a Woman.

Jeon Tae Soo -well we’ve got to have someone to hate, and this actor fits the bill.  This actor hasn’t made any new dramas for a couple of years.

Cho Seong Ha -I wonder how many kings have actually had the love for his people this actor portrays.  I suspect not many.  Then again, in all of the old style dramas there seems to always be a problem with the Sorons against the Norons and all against the king.  I can’t say this has all become clear to me as of yet.  Possibly it was all just about greed.  But, I am unclear on who is the absolute bad guy.

So many good actors.

  1. Ahn Nae Sang
  2. Han Jeon
  3. Ryu Dam
  4. Jang Se Hyun
  5. Lee Jae Yong
  6. Kim Kap Su
  7. Kim Min Seo

This is a great story of love, honesty, and the right to be seen and heard.  Life is not a subject of money or status -it is about believing in yourself and knowing you can reach for the mountains.

Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music  8
Acting 9
Story 9
Total Score  8.4




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